If you blog more personal, you will get more connected

After reading the new updates from Chak Sopheap who is currently in Philippines for a meeting, I told her I look forward to read more on her blog.

Then the question made her feel like she has to update everything on her blog. I replied her back I wish I could have more time to write and allow myself to go more personal on my blog.

You can blog about everything in your life. I mean everything that you are comfortable to share with others. You can always maintain your privacy, if you wish to.

What I mean by mentioning it again here is that we can go more personal on our blog. What make your blog special is you. The more you go more personal, the more you get connected.

We should get naked when we blog! Like Angelina Jolie photo below:

Angelina Jolie naked

Angelina Jolie naked – Source

Do you get connected with her? I guess so!

I didn’t mean physically naked but I want to bring myself up and allow more people to see who really I am. I hope you will see clearly what I mean when you look at the right sidebar.

I started to show things I love and passionate about. I think it is important for the visitors to find commune things with the blog owner.

That is the main reason I decided to change the look and feel of KhmerBird again.

Nothing wrong with the previous theme. I love it. I hesitated at the beginning because it is a very large theme. I gave myself a try. I received a lot of good feedback.

It is Minimum Them, from StudioPress and designed by Brian Gardner.

The real problem with the Theme is when I implemented on KhmerBird. It didn’t bring everything up in a simple way. I need to push myself in coding a little bit.

I modified elevent40 Theme, by changing color on the background and removing some necessary borders. The rest is from its original coding.

I look forward to get some feedback from all of you. Thanks!

បើ​លោក​អ្នក​ពេញ​ចិត្តអត្ថបទ​នេះ សូម​ជួយ​ចុច LIKE ដើម្បី​ផ្សព្វ​ផ្សាយ​បន្ត!



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