How To Start Your Own Blog

This post is for those who want to start your own blog but don’t know how or where to start.

It’s quite simple.

You can start your own blog right now without paying any money. It’s possible. I will start from the free option first, then we will go more details about having your own domain name and hosting server.

Free blogging platforms

Here are the top 5 popular free blogging platforms: WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Weebly and Ghost.

I would suggest that if you know nothing about blogging, spend sometime to get the know one of these platforms. I like to recommend WordPress because it is the most popular platform, easy to use and migrate if later you decide to move to your own self-hosted.

I will focus only on WordPress self-hosted platform for the rest of this post.

Domain name

When you decide to install a self-host WordPress, you will need a domain name. This is necessary for you to have a unique address for your blog. For example I need to pay 12$ per month to maintain my domain name

My tip to choose a good domain name is: always choose .com, keep it short and easy to remember. Most of the web hosting providers will provide you a free domain name at your first purchase.

Hosting Server

To host WordPress on your own, you need a server. You can buy a computer and turn it on 24 hours to host your blog. But this is not a convenient option. You don’t know how to install a server, maintain it to be online 24/7 and assure you have a reliable internet connection at home.

The best option is to buy a hosting server from web hosting providers. There are a lot of web hosting providers. My best advice is to start small, choose a scalable package and good customer support.

Bluehost is one of the most recommended hosting for WordPress. I am using it for my clients since many years. It has a one-click WordPress installation as you can see in this video:

They are now offering 50% of discount for new registration, check it out now!

I also purchased a grid server at Media Temple for which I pay $20 per month. Nothing wrong with Bluehost. I switched to Media Temple because my blog grows and I want to increase the performance of my blog to load faster.

WordPress Theme

Theme is like our cloths. Theme is what our blog look and feel. There are a lot of free WordPress themes out there. A good theme is a theme that could provide user-friendly to visitors and more important thing it can show the content well on any devices: desktop, mobile or tablet. We called it a responsive theme.

I use StudioPress, the child theme of Genesis framework, the “best of the best” among WordPress premium frameworks.

What I like the most from Genesis is that they care on how to deliver good users’ experiences via their platform.


After installing your own blog and choosing a theme you like. It’s time to write and publish good contents on your blog.

You have to remember that there are thousands of blog post out there, why people need to read your blog and not others?

You need to narrow down your audiences. Write about a very specific topics. You blog need to fill a need. You need to have a specific outcome what people are going to get after they read your post.

For example, in this particular blog post, the outcome I want you to get after you read is to be able to start your own blog. That’s it.

My advice to write a good content is to write for your audiences, not for yourself. You need to keep it simple and easy to understand.

There is another important thing is consistency. You need to have a proper schedule how often you are going to publish per day, per week or per month.

It’s up to your ability. You don’t have to publish every day or every week. There’s no right or wrong. You need to choose one routine and stick to it.


You can wait until Google send you the traffic. But there is another way we call it blog promotion. You can share your post on social media such as: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. You can also submit your content to social bookmarking such as: StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious and Reddit.

There is another efficient way to promote your contents is to networking with other bloggers. This is also a part that I will spend more time to develop relationship with others top bloggers from around the world.

You might remember my previous post about 25 Top Money Making Blogs That Will Inspire You To Start Your Own Blog.

Check out the comment session, I get comments from the owners of the blogs that I mentioned. Most of them shared my content on their blogs and social media.

You can start networking with top bloggers in your niche by helping them first. Share their contents and propose what you can help them before asking their help.

Kristi Hines, one of well-known expert in blog promotion has a special course where you can join if you want to learn real tips and techniques to promote your blog. Check it out here!


This might be the most awaited part. I know. But before you decide to monetize your blog, make sure it provides values. People will not hesitate to pay you if you have solution to their problem. You need to build trust, being transparent to your audiences.

Then, at the end, nothing wrong to make money from your blog. There are different ways of making money from a blog.

There are the most popular methods of making money from blogging: sell products or services, join affiliate programs and promote products, sell advertising spaces and join pay-per-click program such as Adsense.

You can go back and check out these blogs one by one, you will see which methods they are using on their blogs.

I will end my post here and hope it will help you to start your own blog today!

Here is a map to recap the essential points of this post:

Start Your Own Blog

Note: I also have web development service which I can help you to setup your first blog without spending your time on those technical aspects. I will take care of everything and make your first blog running in less than 30 minutes. Check out details here!


  1. says

    Thank you so much for sharing nice information about how to start blogging. I am now also planing to start new blog and I will blog about how to make money online too by helping Cambodian people to earn money, the right strategy, from the internet.

    Of course, I am not a pro but I believe that I can do it. Action speaks louder than speak. I hope that I could find the best competitive blog name to your blog… (hahahh). Moreover, I probably ask you to be a guest post for my blog and I will place you in the front of my home page to tell the Khmer people that we can make real money from the internet.

    Thank you, and I will build my from within few days after that I will come back to let you know.

    • Santel Phin says

      Hi Ratanak,

      Nice to know you and thank for your comment. I am more than happy if I could help you something to launch your new blog.

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    thanks for sharing, brother..! That is really basis information for newbie blogger or our Cambodia students to make sense about how to own a blog and make money. Keep update, I love to read you post and prove with proffessional Cambodia blogger.

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    Thank you so much brother for your wish to help me setting up my blog. I, now, created it already and just still not have many posts. I finally found an interesting blog name and until now for just about 3 days after live it up online, my blog name ranks in number 3 too among nearly 100,000 blogs….I feel that I worked on SEO well. You can test with this word (setprofit online); you will see its Rank.

    Did you wish to build link from my blog? I wish you to be my guest blogger and please share about your online success. I think that it would be high benefit for you because more or less you can build more link benefits.

    Thank you so much,


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