Today We Launch Clickable Theme

I am so exciting to see our project WordPress Theme Optimized for Adsense successfully completed.

Clickable Theme is launched today. It’s probably the first digital product that have been launched from Cambodia.

I am so proud of it!

We applied everything we know about Adsense on this theme. It works for us and it should work for you as well.

Clickable Theme

Why I am so confident

As I mentioned when we start this project. After meeting with Sereyboth, my revenue from Adsense increased double.


Because I applied his recommended positions.

I tested so many time and nothing work better than his strategy. Even today, I still apply it on KhmerBird.

You need to test!

Even you ask any expert on Adsense, is there any exact method we can apply to get the same success? The answer is No! It doesn’t mean there’s no principal. But the success can be found in many different ways. You need to test and see which one works the best for you.

We designed Clickable Them with a pre-defined locations, color and font. But you can change and optimize everything via the menus on the dashboard without touching any code.

It’s super easy to implement, save time and increase the earning.

Here is the link to Clickable Theme,

See you there!

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