USD $485.80 From Google Adsense

I’m happy today, you see what I have just received right? It is a cheque with amount of USD $485.80 From Google Adsense. But this is a hard work and a lot of things to understand. I did a lot of mistakes right and left but after I think I have positioned myself in a good place.

First, I want to thank to all the fan and visitors around the world. You might feel a bit strange to know my name and have learned that I am a blogger from Cambodia. But yes, Cambodia has bloggers too. This is the starting good point.

It was hard for me to do balance on this blog. It make me think a lot and due to the time constraints, things are moving very slow. At the beginning I start to tell myself well if my blog can make 1 USD per day, it would be great. Then I started to implement Google adsense on this blog with a lot of hesitations that the Ads will disturb the readers. I really don’t want my blog to become a place where people hate it because of its ads and advertising.

It took me sometime to adjust the Ads placement and writing good contents to provide the relevant Ads to the visitors. This is important. This blog is not just about money but sharing news, lifestyle, technology and other things. I think now the blog provide good contents and original ones. I plan to hire some good writers to explore more topics about Cambodia and social media. I need to have a good budget for this. Now this blog started to earn 5 USD per day, I do hope it will last long and continue to grow so that I can invite good writers, bloggers from Cambodia to write for this blog.

I plan also to write an eBook to tell you exactly how I run this blog. The ebook would go under title of “How To Create A Blog From Your Passion”. I will start to write the eBook and give you more details when this daily 5 USD is sustained. This will prove to you that thing I do is working.

It would be interesting to share with you about my experiences in blogging world.

Thank again to all your supports!

បើ​លោក​អ្នក​ពេញ​ចិត្តអត្ថបទ​នេះ សូម​ជួយ​ចុច LIKE ដើម្បី​ផ្សព្វ​ផ្សាយ​បន្ត!



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  1. says

    Another 300$ check for me is coming soon! Cheer!
    According to my personal experience. Having making money with Adsense for more than 1 year (1 and 4 month and total 450$) I have learned very much. I learn many entrepreneur skill from google. I get stuck, I resolve, I improve a lot. At first they don’t pay anything for me coz I don’t know how to earn a lot. But then they start to pay for my break first (let’s say 0.6 to 1$ daily). and now they pay for my university fee. Even if I sleep but my blog/article don’t sleep, they works!

    Now I am working on a new project that work as Adsense revenue sharing website. And I do need some wish ! :) Can you gimme a wish!
    To our success!

  2. says

    Thank for your comment Sereyboth, This is a very good news, I hope we can share a lot of experience together. The making money online is hard but the good thing is it didn’t require any budget to start it.

    I started to use little budget, invest on this blog and now I just see a little light to find my way out. I wish you could earn a lot more soon, Stay connected!

  3. says

    It is interesting also to learn that we can earn from Adsense without having our own website, Maybe you want to share this with others, you can do a guest post here. I setup before a sharing revenue with Adsense but since nobody contact me for this, I disable it. But if you think you want to post and become a contributor here, let me know, you will get 100% of the revenue from your post.

  4. Vichet says

    Hi Friend. I am so happy to hear that our Khmer people can earn money from google. I used to use google adsense before but I was stuck with PIN confirmation. The PIN was requested but never delivered even I trid to change and use my friend address which is easy to access. Can you please help to share with these?

    • says

      I think I remember now, After I send request pin for 3 time, I got another link that I can send email to Google Adsense support for help. They I got their reply back and asked to scan the documents etc, then pin was enable by Google Adsense support teams.

      How many time you have requested for Pin?

      • Vichet says

        Hi Santel. Thanks for your useful information. I had requested twice if I am not wrong and I’ve contacted google for PIN activiation now.. hope they will activate it soon.. Thanks again friend.

  5. says

    @Vichet the pin code is very hard to get in Cambodia because the post office in Poor penh is so poor. I was very lucky to be a neighbor with a mail delivery man and so he can deliver to me quite easy. I recommend you to buy post office box for 10$ a years (Some people use to tell me like this when they cannot get Adsense pin code).

    Any bank in Cambodia can clear the check so don’t worry too much about it!

  6. says

    @Vichet, I didn’t get the pin as well but I write to Google and they asked me to scan my passport (you can use your ID card) or bill. Then Google team has active my pin.

    I forget the way I sent mail to Google, let me check a bit,

  7. says

    Congratulation!!!! you will come true. how many time do you get cheque from google. You are good cambodian blogger. For me, my earning is increasing a little. I plan to earn at least $10 per day. Now, I earn only $5 per day…..

  8. says

    Hi, Khmerbird
    I am very happy that see khmer blogger can earn money from google adsense.
    I want to ask you some questions but not related to adsense is to clickbank.
    Do you have experience with clickbank? I think that Clickbank can earn money more than adsense.

  9. says

    Adsense is a pay per click advertising program, clickbank is an affiliate program, you got paid when people buy product with your affiliate links,

    It depends on what kind of blog you have,

  10. says

    Hello all of you! I am very happy to see khmer blogger can earn money from google adsense. I join google adsense about 2 month ago with my blog. I have research all things that relate to adsense, now I know more about it. But my earning is still very poor. I just can earn over 10$ since I join google adsense. My problem is the traffic to my site. My site is low traffic, I have used twitter, stumbleupon, netlog, and google search engine to drive traffic to my site, but is not success. So I want to stay connect with all of you. I think we all can share idea together about google adsense and increase our earning. I want to know some tips about getting visitor to my blog, and how to increase adsense earning. if anyone can give me please sent to my Email: Thanks to all of you.

    • says

      If you read my latest post, you might know some reason why. WordPress can spread the contents by ping functions, one you publish you content, we can ping our contents to the blog direction and search engine,

      But first of all you need to have a good blog that people want to read, thank for dropping comment here, I think the first thing you might want to consider is to move your blog to WordPress,

  11. a J says

    I have asked DHL employee, he is the one that carry the Check for me. he said that there only 30 check to cambodia. but here i see alot cambodian pp can earn with adsense. nice to see

  12. sok savda says

    Now I can earn over 10$ per day from google adsense. thanks to all of you for giving me some tips. but now my problem is pin code. I have request for pin 2 time, but now I do not get my pin yet, I do not know where to get my pin. my earning now nearly 200$.

    • says

      don’t worry, try to request again, i am not sure if it’s 3rd or 4th time, you will have a link to write to support, they will ask you to send some documents such as ID or Passport, Mobile phone bill or bank statement etc,

      By then they will activate the pin for you, it worked for me this way.

      Congratulation! let me know if you have any other question.

  13. says

    Thank for the good article…
    Nice to see Cambodians earning money from Adsense . I just create a new website with Google Adsense, But I earned only $ 0.71 per month.
    How to get more money from Google?

    • says

      There’s no special tips for it but it depends on traffic, keyword and position of the ads, best way is to create good contents that will drive more traffic and showing relevant Adsense Ads, then you will get clicks and earn.

  14. Lily says

    Hello how can my adsense account got approved ? Please reply !! I really need ur help. My blog traffic is abt 500-700 views /per is that enough ?

  15. Chivan says

    WOW! After hackers tried to block you and you still made big money! Congratulations!!!
    Several times when I opened your blog, the messages pop up saying I can’t open your blog, because it could harm my computer???!!! It happened to some other Khmer blogs too the message saying “It blocked by God” Hehehehe…
    I knew there is only one country in the world who hated Khmer professional
    like you and others because that country never gives up its greedy since it lost its shame claim at the ICJ and at the UNESCO.
    Please keep up the good works! I enjoy reading your blog very much.
    Thank you.

    • says

      Thank you Mr. Chivan, I didn’t know that people receieve such warming message when they access to my blog. I will find out more why this happen.

      Thank you for supporting KhmerBird so far! Love and peace!

  16. Ratanak says

    You all success with Google Absences, but i am not can anyone help me?
    I try to created my blog on Google Absences, but i still have much problem with this project….
    I hope you all here help me..
    The first problem is that i can not approved …..

    • says

      You need to have a blog that have good content first. Before sign up for Adsense, make sure you have a good blog that have copyright information and have 10-12 posts. Leave it running for at least 3 months or so before implement Adsense.

      I think the reason people cannot get approval from Adsense is content!

  17. Sangvan says

    Brother can you guide of how to set up Adsense Account
    former I just set up with my domain but not allow me to activate account
    and also with is still not activate

  18. Vuthy Chour says

    Bro. Santel,

    I created my blog two weeks ago and last night I decided to buy a domain ( However, til today my blog is under construction and I can never get approval from AdSense. I really have no idea what terms I violated.

    Do you think you could help?

    • says

      I think it depends on the type of the blog. But make sure you have good contents, make it index in Google search engine. I would recommend to run your blog in WordPress. Once you are on WordPress, search for Google Map XML, this plugin will allow you to submit your site to Google search engine.

      Then wait to have visitors come to your site,

      These should come first before you apply for Google Adsense.

      Let me know if you need more information.

    • says

      Hi Dara, now you can pick up your payment at any bank that provides Western Union service. And I would recommend you choose quick cash by Western Union. There’s no additional charge, no need to wait for checks and pay the clearance anymore.

      Let me know if you need information on how to enable quick cash payment by Western Union. I would be happy to provide more information.


    • says

      Oh thank for the info. Maybe because I post a lot of contents related to Cambodia.

      Now I want to be the top for a few more keywords, I am working on it now.

  19. says

    Hi brother!
    I like your site very much I usually spend time on your site and learn from your useful posts and very proud of your success too. I am a newbie I have my site too for 7 months now but recently I applied for google adsense but is was not good result it was just reviewed and disapproved. I have no any experience in doing blog just got instruction from my friend and got it start. Google adsense team just sent some feedback to me for what I need to change on my site before reapplying but it is hard for me to understand what and where are exactly need to change them. Be honest, I would like to ask your advice about those but I don’t know what do you think?
    Thanks bro !

    • says

      Hi Samnang,

      Thank for your comment. I have a look for your site, there are few things I would recommend you to check out:

      1. Do you have visitor come to your site yet? Do they found your website from Google? Have you use Google Analytics yet? If not you need to have it on your site, so that we can get more information about visitors.

      2. I think you need a better design? Is it running on WordPress? or Blogger? whatever the platform, it’s OK, but you need to design a bit and make a good introduction of what you site talk about, I mean the main topics, you should out the navigation menu as well.

      3. Write more good contents to attract more people and share your contents on social networks such as Facebook etc.

      If you could forward me the feedback from Google team to my email, I would have more idea.

      Let me know if anything I could help.


    • Santel Phin says

      Hi Bora,

      I will think about creating a full blog post or a short eBook about how to use Google Adsense because I think a lot of people need to know about this.

      I will keep you update. Thanks

  20. sambath says

    hello brother if i want to start a new blog for businees, by buying domain web hosting from wordpress (baby plan)
    1. what others out of above do i have to pay more?
    2. how much money should i have in my bank acount?
    thanks brother pls help me.

  21. San says

    Dear Bro.

    Could you tell me about google Adsense process?do they allow Cambodia country to use ? Do we need to pay money to them or not? what kind of received payment we choose ? Checks or other else? How about debit visa card, is it possible ?

    • Santel Phin says

      Hi San,

      I received a lot of questions about Adsense. I will write a full blog post that will explain everything about Adsense very soon. Make sure you subscribe to my blog!

  22. says

    Hi Bang,

    Happy to read such a lot of informative comments on this site. I am the one who search for google adsense. I am going to use Khmer language in my blog. I want to know that is it possible to apply for adsense with Khmer contents? I world like your advice. I don’t have much idear what should I write about especially in English.

    I am looking forward to reading your reply.

    • Santel Phin says

      Hi BophaJeat,

      Unfortunately Adsense doesn’t support Khmer language yet. It’s hard to them to get your account approve if you submit the blog or website in Khmer.

      You will have more chance to get approval if it’s written in English. But once you have your account approved, you can show Adsense Ads on Khmer website.

      Hope this help!

      • bophajeat says

        Hi Bang,

        Is it true that approved account can be displayed in Khmer websites. I heard that the account will have problem if we display adsense in website in Khmer. Can you share your experiences please. Does it violate the policy displaying ads in site in Khmer?

        Thanks in advanced.

        Best regards,

        • Santel Phin says

          I know some blog that writes in Khmer and display Adsense. It’s Ok for them. You will need to check with them if it against their policy or not.

          But so far, as experience, I believe it is OK.

  23. Chamnan says

    Hi brother, I have a website I create it from,and I register it with adsense but I can find dashboard to paste my ad code. How can I do it? Thank Brother.

    • says

      Hi Chamnan,

      If you’re on WordPress, there are a lot of plugins to help you to implement the code without edit your template.

      Check out for Quick Adsense plugin.

    • says

      Hi Kunthy,

      When I look at the site, it is difficult for Google to approve because you don’t have the contents that might be useful for users.

      I think you need to write more articles about mobile and apps etc, put it as the center of your website, then you can move your ecommerce on the sidebar or via the menu.

      When you start to publish more contents, it is easy to get your account approved.

      Hope this can give you some ideas.

  24. says

    I myself never receive the pin code. I was be able to activate my account by providing documents such as ID card, bank statement etc to Google support. They activated my account for me.

    Keep asking for pin code. The best choice is to have your own post box at the post office.

    I don’t know how long we can get since I never get it.

  25. Santel Phin says

    Hi Seng,

    I have been asked a lot about how to make money with Google Adsense. I will write a full blog post on this topic very soon.


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