Forums Are Now Available For Free Advertising

There are many forums out there, why I create them again here? It's a good question. There are some suggestions from some friends and readers to create such forums quite long time ago. But I didn't have time to set up. I created them for those who want to get their information to be found by people. Advertising … [Read more...]

Love Me Love My Blog

starting from 1st July 2014, I commit to a new editorial schedule. We published 5 posts per week from Monday to Friday. Some posts were written by me and some were written by others. You may notice the articles under the name of Editorial Staff. We paid for those articles. Most of them cost us $5.50 (for 500 words) … [Read more...]

Why I Made This Change Again

You might realized I have been quiet for a while. First reason is that Vitou, my son, has a serious eyes allergy. He needs to take the eyes' drop regularly. This week is second week. The read point in his eyes disappeared little by little. The Situation is improving a lot. But still he needs to take eyes' drop for … [Read more...]

An Empty Space

I feel like my blog these days as an empty space. I start to feel about this when I look at content sharing and comments. I started to feel different when I commit myself to write great blog post to help people to start a popular and profitable blog. I wanted to write in details my presentation slides that I … [Read more...]

We Joined Khmer Enterprises

You might notice I displayed logo of Khmer Enterprises on the sidebar since few weeks. Today I am happy to tell a bit more of our partnership with Khmer Enterprises. I explained why I joined Khmer Enterprises here. The entrepreneurship in Cambodia is still young but it's a perfect business model for a country like … [Read more...]

Why This Change?

Don't let yourself get attached to anything you are not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you feel the heat around the corner. - Heat Each time when I get lost, I always watch a film. Now I told to myself I will watch at least a film per week. This Sunday, I watched The Bourne Legacy. I quite like it. … [Read more...]