Cambodia Weeken 05 Headline

No time to post since few days. Today it’s my weekend. I will make a summary of what is happening during this week in Cambodia.

1. Cambodian PM visits disputed Thai border temple

Cambodia PM Hun Sen Visit Preah Vihear temple, photo by

PREAH VIHEAR, Cambodia (AFP) – Cambodian Premier Hun Sen visited a disputed border area with Thailand Saturday, angering the neighbouring nation amid an ongoing diplomatic spat.

Hun Sen began a tour of the area close to the ancient Preah Vihear temple at the centre of the land dispute by opening a school and giving supplies to villagers caught up in violence last year between the two countries’ troops.

“I have never asked for compensation. For me, it doesn’t matter about compensation,” said Hun Sen, referring to the destruction of a Cambodian market during a gunbattle last April.

“They (the Thais) have invaded us and look down on us.”

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2. Dengue Fever Presents :: Electric Cambodia (A Compilation)

I personally like their music and recently I have contact with Chhom Nimol, the Vocalist of the band that you certainly know well about her. She used to appear on the TVs in Cambodia as well. I plan to have an interview with her but not yet prepare the questions. If you got anything to ask her, you can let me know here. I can pass the questions !

Justin Gage has written a blog post about their new album of compilation of Cambodia Electric song.

Read the full article of their new album

3. Cambodia: Maps for free download

chuangt2u posted a new topic:

With 31,200 unique visitors, over 61,000 page loads, and 3500 downloads since 2006 – this Ebook is becoming popular all over the world.

This is not a commercial enterprise. The Ebook downloads are free, so there’s no money in this for contributers (or publishers – me).

However, if you’d like to get your work out to a targeted worldwide audience, reply here and let me know if I can use your photos of Cambodia.

Cambodia: Maps for free download

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