CTN Broadcasts Live Traffic In Phnom Penh

It is a bit surprise to me when I watched CTN last night. It was CTN International channel which is the rebroadcast of CTN programs for International viewer. It was the replay of Internet Assembly or Cheaya News between 07:00 until 09:00 (I’m not sure if it happen also on weekend). I could see the live traffic from the camera and it was written that those camera was sponsored by Ezecom or something like that.

I said to my wife WOW! we have cameras live at every streets. But in fact I found this information from sideth.com, mentioned that Ezecom has installed 4 cameras at the most traffic cross roads such as:

  • Old Chinese Hospital (now it’s 42 building) view on 4 cross roads, especially on Monivong Boulevard and Preah Sihanouk Boulevard
  • Tax department (near ITC) view on Russian Boulevard, Mao Tse Toung and Kim Il Sung Boulevard
  • River Side between Sothearos and Sisowath Quay
  • Cinema Lux view on Norodom Boulevard

It’s only 4 cameras, I believed we have more intersections that usually have a lot of traffic jam. As it confirmed from Sideth blog, those camera are not for security purpose but for CTN only to share the view and update news to the audiences about traffic situation.

I think it would be good if police department install such live cameras to record all activities at the streets so that we can follow anything happen down the street, especially those that not respect the traffic law and crime.

Be careful when you drive on those boulevard, respect the traffic law otherwise you will be seen live on TV. What is your reaction toward these Hi-Tech equipments. You can share your idea here.

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