Here are few projects I am working on

Before update about the projects here is a picture of our family while we did a family to Kep last two week.

Kep trip

The exception of Kep is the villa up on the hill. We spent one night at VANNA Hill Resort.

Vitou was scar of the water at the beginning but at the end he did enjoy a lot.

I just want to update few things about the projects I am working on:

KhmerBird Guide To Blogging

I am taking one week off to start writing my first book: KhmerBird Guide To Blogging.

I explain a bit more details about what the book will cover and how to get it for free at 4-Hour Workweek Blogger.

Clickable Theme

We are still working on it at the final stage. We aim to keep the theme simple and easy to use. Everyone can customize it without touching any code.

You can follow our progress at Clickable Theme.

I start encourage people to blog

Last weekend I help out a Cambodian blogger to setup her first blog. I hope soon I can announce it here so that we can encourage her and help to promote her blog.

Prepare the presentation for BarCamp Phnom Penh

During this week, I need to prepare also a short presentation of 1 hour about how to be a 4-Hour Workweek Blogger for BarCamp Phnom Penh.

I will do another post that contains the outlines and schedule sometime soon.

That’s a quick brief of what I am working on. It seems a bit busy but I am happy to see the progress of them.

What are you working on by the way?

បើ​លោក​អ្នក​ពេញ​ចិត្តអត្ថបទ​នេះ សូម​ជួយ​ចុច LIKE ដើម្បី​ផ្សព្វ​ផ្សាយ​បន្ត!



Finding the right hotel just got a whole lot easier -

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