We Joined Khmer Enterprises

Entrepreneurship in Cambodia

You might notice I displayed logo of Khmer Enterprises on the sidebar since few weeks. Today I am happy to tell a bit more of our partnership with Khmer Enterprises.

I explained why I joined Khmer Enterprises here.

The entrepreneurship in Cambodia is still young but it’s a perfect business model for a country like us. I met an experienced entrepreneur last week, he said:

We need a solid platform to support business ideas. People started their business right away and failed. The most commune reason of failure is that we don’t have support from local community. We don’t have any eco-system that helps young business owners to manage their business and make it success.

I believe that Khmer Enterprises will find solutions to that problem. We are building an eco-system that supports start-ups in Cambodia.

There are a long way to go but we already started. There are many things to do.

KhmerBird joined Khmer Enterprises to help building contents related to entrepreneurship and provide more information on self-development.

Because I believe before we start to offer something to others, we need to know ourselves clearly. Find out what we are good at and see if we can help others.

I am not the only one who share this vision. There are many others. You can find full article: Khmer Enterprises Partners With Like-Minded Eco-Cells here.

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