10 Reasons Why Cambodia still Keep Copying Music from other Countries

This should be another message to all of those music melody composer in Cambodia who still happily copying the song melody from other country and make sale everyday.

Since in the latest 10 years, this culture become bigger and bigger as well as more and more people know that Cambodia is a music copycat in Asia. It is totally so ashamed if you are a Cambodian to discuss about this topic.

I do believe that now we only copy the melody and I admire all lyric writers which most of them are unique.

So here are 10 reasons that they (Some Cambodian melody copycat writer) still keep copying music from other country.

  1. They lack of knowledge: Believe me, they can not compose the original melody for people to listen, If they are knowledgeable and can compose it, then they won’t copy.
  2. They are lazy: Sure, they are lazy, they don’t learn and they don’t practice. They just try to take some time to copy and make money! LOL!
  3. They only want money: They are both lazy and not knowledgeable as well as only want money. They don’t care anything. I even used to read an articles on Lift magazine which interview a music production. They said that they are not outlaw, because they always bought license to copy the melody from other country! It is the proof that they only want money!
  4. They are not ashamed: Melody by xxx, music by xxx. Why they are not ashamed to publish their name as the composer while they copy from other country??? I have no idea rather than they are not ashamed.
  5. They hate their nation: They are Cambodian but they hates this country the most since they try to make money by making their whole nation to be called copycat. Yeah! They are so great.
  6. They don’t love their profession: If they know and love their profession as their real passion, then won’t try to copy other people’s work. They simply never love the work in their field.
  7. They don’t know the law: Yes! I simply don’t know much about law too, but I do know that copying people’s work is outlaw.
  8. They are ignorance to the feedback: I bet you always heard a lot of people trying to criticized about this for long, but they(melody composer) still keep doing that. They simply ignore everything and keep making money happily.
  9. They are losers: People who make money by using other people’s sweat are LOSERS.
  10. The Related Authority seems ignore them: You know that. Before every releasing any music to be on sale commercially, it has been checked. And I still have no idea why they still ignore it.

Any ideas to share?? Please keep spreading this message and let everyone know that all copycat melody writer are LOSERS!

And my last message to all melody composer here is:

Please stop copying melody from other country right now if you don’t wanna be a loser because of money.

People include me always like what you produced even if it is COPIED from other country, but we hope to listen the one who REALLY compose yourself.

This article was written by a Cambodian nurse who also have a website about Nurse practitioner salary.
She simply doesn’t make money copying other people’s work.

បើ​លោក​អ្នក​ពេញ​ចិត្តអត្ថបទ​នេះ សូម​ជួយ​ចុច LIKE ដើម្បី​ផ្សព្វ​ផ្សាយ​បន្ត!



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  1. Cambo_slice says

    I totally agree with the writer of this article. I love listening to Khmer music but sometimes hesitate to let some of my Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean friends listen to it. One time when they were curious about what Khmer music sounded like, I put on some songs for them to listen to and they each had at least one song that was originally from their country. I would be much more proud to share originally written Cambodian music with my friends if we had more writers and artists who can come up with their own ideas.

  2. Khmer music lover says

    Dislike this article! Does not matter whether where they get their music! Just as long they are doing it! And do not disrespect your heritage because you are disrespecting mines! I love Khmer music whether it’s copy or not!

      • SUPPORTER says

        I am agree with Your Mom, we should and support original composition because it is our honor and 100% khmer product. This time it is the time that we should improve our knowledge and using our own brain.SUPPORT ALL NEW AND ORIGINAL PRODUCTION.

    • Sousedey says

      I am no agree with khmer music lover. I think you don’t have khmer blood in your mind. If you don”t care that the music is copied from other country, so you let the KHMER MUSIC ART of your country to go down to the hell. It is not good if we see bad things we let the the way like this. We should show and help each other to be on the good way and HONOR way. And you said I love khmer music, so you Love Sin Sisamuth in past time because nowadays it is not khmer music.

    • Meixing says

      Well guys, what this article said is true!!!!! I agreed. Even though I love Khmer music, but if all songs composed by the writers themselves I would be much more appreciate.
      I used to have one Thai friend criticized me about Khmer songs. This person said, Cambodians copied their music. It was so ashamed. If I want to listen to Khmer modern songs, I just used earphone. Sometimes you can’t just use earphone while you are doing cleaning work.
      So shameful to be Cambodian!!!!!!!
      I beg all of the composers and writers!! please used your knowledge and help Cambodia, your country!!!
      Don’t try to put us (innocent) in this shameful area!!! It’s not just a few songs, but most of the recent songs that they just published!!!
      Think about this!!

      I love Cambodia and proud to be Cambodian as well.
      Don’t let foreigners look down. Use your brain—we have the same weight!! Many schools in Cambodia.

  3. Tyu says

    Give me a break my friends, shame on u. Every country copy each other. Name me a country that don’t. We r poor country can not wait for a yr to release one album like others, or else we can not survive. Look deeper.

    • SUPPORTER says

      I think you confuse the word copy and inspiration. Not every country copy each others, they just inspired each other not like us that take we the music from the original VCD of other country (thailand for example) and delete the voice and record the voice of Khmer singer. I think this we should not support, it is stealing music. Yes you said ”can not wait for a yr to release one album like others, or else we can not survive”. This can be acceptable for 1980-2000 coz just finish war.But now in 2011 it is not acceptable, coz many years that we stole music and continue so unbelievable and unacceptable!.I am very surprised that they lied themself, they stole the music and they write they compose the music themself.So we are not stupid. I support only the original composer and support The music in Sin Sisamuth time. This is the 100% khmer roriginal composer not the same as today 100% lying and looser! Please be open mind.I am agrre with Cambo_slice.

      • Here_for_good says

        FYI, not all Sin Sisamuth’s songs are original.
        But I support the idea that Khmer shouldn’t continue to copy others’. 2012 is just a few blinks away. We just shouldn’t do the copy things. Well, we still can learn or be inspired by others’ outcomes rather than copy completely.
        I can name some of Music Companies that do the copy things such as Hong Meas/Reak Smey Hong Meas, Town, Sunday, M, and many others…
        They really put shame to all khmers as well as the nation reputation. But I wonder about the song supporters, they never care the origin of songs, yet they enjoy them whenever they’re played.

        So now who to be blamed? Composer (the copier) or audiences?

  4. SUPPORTER says

    I am agree with this article.GOOD ARTICLE that I support 100%.We should support and push ORIGINAL SONGS.Look at the past time, Sin Sisamuth, there are original songs and get respect from other country, copy music is a lack of knowledge and lazy. It doesn’t give our country honor. MUSIC is a national country honor. Not everybody copy music, I know that other country copy too but they bought the music Copyright not as us. We stole the music from other country (THAI, CHINESE, VIETNAM, INDIA, EUROPE)and no care about the international Copyright.We are a cultural thief !. SO please respect all the music Composer of all country.They work hard to give us a good emotion.I never support  Copy music coz it is not the same music as original and the voice singer as a clown because they try to fix their voice to the original voice. SO LET SUPPORT ORIGINAL SONGS!

  5. Charlie Drowns says

    Are they really copying the music, or translating it to Khmer. It is not a crime to “Cover” songs made by other artists. Bands do it all the time. It is a crime if you claim that you wrote it.

    • SUPPORTER says

      I think you don’t understand the meaning of MUSIC PRODUCTION and BAND. MUSIC production is a company who should produce a new music for the public by the real Artist and Band it is just a simple group of musician singer that playing for any party, so they can copy or sing what they want. We cannot compare MUSIC PRODUCTION and BAND. Here we talking about MUSIC production.

    • Get Real says

      That was the point of this article…copying music note for note, “translating” it or whatever you want to call it and then sell it on a DVD or CD for profit and not giving any credit to the original artist or even getting permission from them to “sample” their music.

  6. says

    I feel ashamed when most of local Khmer productions copy songs from other countries such as Korea, China, Thai, America and so on. When do those productions product by themselves? the meanings of some songs are so bad and affect Cambodian culture as well. They should stop do that…

  7. See--hear says

    What ashamed! too many good concepts and criticism but how about all of you? Have you done anything to solve these problems? Or only know as you saw and heard! Hahaha I want to laught if you don’t sopport copy musics, why are you buying and listening to it? Hey if we stop buy thier abums then they will try something new. Perhab we have to strike on the street. Let’s make a slogan ” stop copying foreign music”!

  8. A cambodian says

    Wow way to de a dick and ignorant in the process, in trying to make Cambodia’s artist look like sleezy copycat you are being a total hypocrite and racist stereotyped by generalizing those copycat with every cambodian. Everything you have said is nothing but pure bias opinion and don’t know the whole truth. True “Some artist” not all, are lazy it doesn’t mean they hate their nation, a loser, don’t care about their profession. In fact everything you said is pure crap except the fact that they follow a different judicial system so they are unaware of “YOUR” legal system, so yes you are right they don’t know they law but then again its not their laws so why should they care. You only provided ONE legitimate reason. Let me show you why this article is crap.

    I am sure at one point in your life you have copy from someone else, this can be on a test, a “song”, poem, quotes, reports, news, drawing, etc. so base on your entire article you are not have no shame, a loser, hate your country, ignorant, unintelligent, lazy, hate your life, and all the other crap you claimed.

    Now stop making silly article to put down other peoples’ culture and stop generalizing a group of people in an entire country to the entire population.

    • says

      Hi, I think you are in the US.

      We always encourage Cambodian artists who have their initial idea of making something better, even copy. But it has to have some limitation, for example I support the songs that copy only the melody, they compose lyric on their own.

      Some there are some artists and production who copy exactly 100% from others. This is purely for money and it won’t add any value to the Cambodian culture. They do this for money! 

      I know how you feel when you read a bad thing about your country, I used to feel the same and I am fighting for this too.

      I just want to confirm that this article didn’t have intention to make a general conclusion to the whole nation.

      I know there are many talent artists in our country. And we always do our best to support and promote them.

      Thank you for your comment, and hope this would help you to better understand about us.  

  9. Annabearx3 says

    Well i STRONGLY believe in #1- they don’t have knowledge of composing.
    The fine art of the Khmer music has been swiped out of Cambodia for a long time now.
    I don’t think teachers survived the dark past of the 70s so there is no way to start learning if there is no teacher. It is simply impossible or hard to do.

  10. Soklin143 says

    I wonder about rock production producer who keeps saying their  songs are original which means no copying form others.


    • says

      I heard their principle is to produce original songs. I didn’t follow their songs closely enough to confirm this. Maybe someone have a better evidence? 

  11. 11 YR OLD says

    Im cambodian a cambodian girl and i come up with my OWN songs i live in america and im not lazy like seriouly those words hurt me and im smart im a smart girl and people dont understand us khmer

  12. khem says

    This is absolutely against the copyright. I’ve never listened to Khmer song now day as those were not created originally. Those writers and singers are trying to destroy their own culture and bringing sham to their Nation. We could have made the evolution to the music rather than fresh copy 100%. Shame on you.

    • says

      Yes, you are right! When they copy, they lazy for the creation. They issue 3 CDs per month, I don’t see any quality songs these days. It might be the end of music industry in Cambodia, or maybe to me personally only.

    • says

      Yes, you are right! When they copy, they lazy for the creation. They issue 3 CDs per month, I don’t see any quality songs these days. It might be the end of music industry in Cambodia, or maybe to me personally only.

  13. Odam Chan says

    I honestly have mutual feeling about this. Traditional Cambodian music been around for centuries and our influence could of been from the neighboring nations. We could of been an inspiration to countries in the surrounding area as well. I agree with the fact that majority of the country folks is struggling and what they believe is that money is the reason to solving all their problems. I believe that we have many talents within the culture but its hard to express when all you can think about is survival. There’s so much more I would like to say and there will be a day..as for now I’m ashamed as well.. I’m pretty sure y’all get my drift..theres a lot involved as to why we became who we are today.

    KhmerRouge+Genocide+NoKnowledge+NoEducation+LostofHope+NoTrust+NoFaith+NoHistory+NoDrive+YearZero+2millions=NoPassion. Its been 40years we giving ourselves a bit of a break..lets just inspire eachother and stay positive. My opinion is if you think writing this article to boost some moral within our culture thats great but try not to speak for all Cambodians.#CamboMovement.

  14. nara says

    Soo true!! Its funny how khmer people always comment on thai copying our song on youtube,but the truth is that we are the one who is the copycat!!..maybe back in the day thai people did take some of our famous song but we take 80% of their songs!.Such a shame! we as khmer people gotta stop being lazy and live in the pass. We need to set good example for the new generation.


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