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2012 Watchlist of Foreign Films made in Cambodia

It’s a pleasure to me to see Cambodia movies, any kind of film. Because it is rare to see a movie from Cambodia.

I still got hope.

I hope in very near future, we would find more movies from Cambodia.

I have collected some interesting videos and films made in Cambodia in this post:


You can find also a collection from Peter Hogan via his Pinterest board Cambodian Films

I found few interesting film to be watch in 2012, if you know any good film and want to add into to list, please drop me a comment here or contact me via twitter or Facebook.

1. I Have Loved by Lai Weijie and Elizabeth Wijaya

It’s a film produced by 13 Little Pictures from Singapore. The entire film was shot in Siem Reap, at many places including Hotel De La Paix.

I do not yet watch the film myself.

By reading director’s statement, it’s a drama about a woman who lost her control after the death of her husband.

She goes to Siem Reap where they both used to visit on honeymoon.

She believed by visiting the old places, she would remember and then she may forget her past.

Then she meets a man who experiences similar mood due to his buried sorrow. They both become soul mates.

After watching the trailer, I think it’s a kind of film I want to watch.

I don’t think many people will understand the film. But it is an art and I am happy to see more films from Cambodia.

I like the trailer, the images, and the music seems to found a good combination.

2. Wish You Were Here

Photo from the Facebook Page of Wish You Were Here.

It’s the scene from Kampot Lake. It’s a story of 4 people who comes to visit Cambodia and only 3 left the country. One person is missing after a night full of drink and drug.

No one really understands what happened that night.

It’s a film produced by Aquarius Films cooperated with Blue-Tongue Films from Australia. The films shot in Cambodia and Australia.

“Wish You Were Here” was selected to Sundance Film Festival and will have its screening in US and Canada late this year.

There are many scenes in Cambodia, check out the trailer of the film:


It’s a documentary of 5 very different musicians from 3 countries travel to the jungles of Cambodia to embark on a creative quest of composing 5 songs in 5 days.

It’s produced by Bored Of Directives production from Malaysia.

This documentary is driven by the storyline of five musicians as they get to know each other, adjust to each others’ musical styles and the happenings of rural Cambodia.

Check out the trailer:

4. Comfortably Lost

A young NY photographer takes an impulsive trip to Cambodia and allows the journey to be the destination.

More details on their website: Comfortable lost

5. Talking To The Trees

A European woman discovers that her husband is a child sex tourist and risks her life to save three kids from a brothel. Filmed independently in Cambodia with love, screening at Cannes 2012.

Visit Facebook page for more updates: Talking To The Trees

I will keep updating this post as soon as I find any new film made in Cambodia. You can bookmark or like KhmerBird on Facebook.

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      Hope I can do a good list of Cambodian films from 60s and 70s with youtube links. 

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