If Not Argentina, Who Will Win The 2014 World Cup?

I am not a big fan of football but I am very interested in world cup. There are a lot of interesting matches since the beginning.

All my favorite teams are now at the semi final: Argentina, Germany, Netherlands and Brazil. So far what I predicted came true. Ha ha …

I am not a fortune-teller but I like observing the players and techniques from each group. I see a lot of potentials for Argentina and Germany to go to the final match.

Why I am sure about this prediction?


Argentina has a lot of good players. They don’t depend only on Lionel Messi. Everybody has their own techniques and skills. They are the best football players in the world. They are strong in their functions. They know in which occasion they need to get involved. For example, Messi never take care of defending. His job is to dispatch the ball to seek a good opportunity to score. They believe in their team. Everybody knows their functions very well. Plus of that, they perform very well their duties.

They are strong in both attacking and defending.

One more advantage which is important than the players is the techniques of the team. Their attacks can’t be predictable. They attacks fast and hard to defend.

Here is a very good video that introduce you the profile of Argentina team.

Germany is also a good team in my opinion. They have a lot of good players. They are strong in attacking and defending. They usually occupied the ball more than 50%.

GER Team

Here is the video profile of the team. They attacks fast and unpredictably.

Maybe it is their techniques but what I can see from an outsider is that each player don’t really have unique function. Their functions are a bit of mixing. Maybe the aim of this technique is to make confusing to the opponent but at the same time it could be also a weak point.

They don’t have a pre-define strategy. They will play and seek the occasions according to the situation.

This is not the case for Argentina who has a pre-define strategy within the team and each player seems to have a very clear mission.

That’s the advantage I could see and give me enough confidence to predict that Argentina has a lot of good chances to win this 2014 world cup.

However it will depend on the situation of the match. It depends on the combination and synchronization of the team players.

Here is the schedule for the semi final:

Brazil – Germany
08 July 2014, 03:00 AM (+1 day) (Cambodian time)

Netherlands – Argentina
09 July 2014, 03:00 AM (+1 day) (Cambodian time)

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  1. says

    Hello bro,
    Why don’t you talk about Brazil? They look stronger in attacking and used to be a Winner of World Cup also. Actually, they don’t have a lot of good players. So, I guess Brazil is number 1 and Germany is number 2 and third place is Argentina. LOL …

    • says

      You’re right, Brazil is a strong team and they used to win world cup for a few time I think. I watched when they play for the opening, they need more good players to win the match. There is another team that I like also is Netherlands. It is also a strong team in my opinion.

      This is only the prediction, let’s see the real match soon.

  2. William says

    Next world champion will be NETHERLANDS (Holland)
    The orange play for the result, the trainer Louis Van Gaal is a genius.
    I predict GERMANY to win from Brazil, NETHERLANDS from Argentina.
    And the final goes to the ORANGE !

    • says

      Hi William,

      Your first prediction is right! What a match this morning! 7-1. I also like Netherlands, they are a good team. But I will bet for Argentina :-)

      Let’s see who will win!

  3. says

    OMG, Brazil made me disappointeed. Germany 7-1 Brazil, what a nightmare! Anywhere I missed this match because of your schedule
    Brazil – Germany
    09 July 2014, 03:00 AM (Cambodian time), actually, on 08th …
    LOL, let’s see Argentina vs. Netherlands. I bet Argentina … hope, they won’t make me disappointed like Brazil.


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