Video Of Interview With Thomas Magyar On “Great Khmer Empire” Movie

During this week, we are curious about the news of a Hollywood film project in Cambodia with the title of “Great Khmer Empire”. I found the video interview that TVK have made with Thomas Magyar, the executive producer of the film.

First of all, it is a good sign of Cambodia to have such a big production movie that planned to spend 70 million for the whole project, even some said this would cost a lot more budget. Let’s say the rate for Angelina Jolie to play in the movie is now about 20 million or something already. How about the other actors/actress? How about the production designers and costumes, not talking yet about building the sets. This is the history story, everything need to rebuild and spend a lot of money on the post-production.

I found a video of reaction from Javaproduction, he expressed the right thing about we don’t see the reason why the role of King Jayavarman 7 is not given to Cambodian actor?

We should fight for that, this is our glory history, why taking someone that is not Cambodian to play the role? I think we could find a good Cambodian person for that role. This is the good reaction from Cambodian oversea that I really appreciate.

After all, we don’t have any confirmed information that Angelina Jolie agree to take the role, I am not sure. The Phnom Penh Post also feature an article about the Press Conference: We’re rolling. Thomas has a good heart for Cambodia, what he intents to do is good for Cambodia. I hope he will receive and listen to all the good advices to make this real good! Good luck for the film project!

What is your reaction if John Cena takes the role of Jayavarman 7?

Watch TVK Interview with Thomas Magyar part 1

Watch TVK Interview with Thomas Magyar part 2

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  1. Engsamnang says

    Let come to evidences why cambodian actors not include for main roles. This issue have been happened dozen times in hollywood history. It been several controversiat and successfully sloved off as well. I think we don’t need to be too much nationalism in defensive of our country. Our goal is to spread our country’s culture through international attention. If khmer actor with enough abilities (hunky, can speak english) is choose to act all that roles, do those viewer really want to watch that. And what happen if the film become box office bomb. Do we success to promote our culture? We don’t think it is bad to cast those foreign actress. Some people will said then it will be white people as khmer king. Those people seem to overlook american talented make up. They have potentiat in transform the white people to any ethnic they want. American viewer (as well as all country) surely to be smart to evaluate that the film portray cambodian despite the white actors. Song hye kyo and jolie quite resemble our queens (check out my blog for this comparision). That actors that they expected to cast is very popular in each country they represent. So the viewer from china, korean and america will come to watch the film, and relised our culture. This problem in casting may be new for cambodia but routine for others. They don’t care which ethnic act in their film. What they care, if how correctly they portray their film. I strongly support this project. I don’t want something to be old fashion or over-nationalism. All i want is to promote my culture through something that possible to be exist. We should think this is holly wood film, right. This is my side of opinion, only. Thanks

  2. Robin Hughes says

    They should involve Cambodians as much as possible. Including Cambodian film companies and actors.

    I agree with Santel that having some high profile western actors is good for the films profile and markatability in the west.

    How much the film benefits Cambodia depends somewhat on how much Cambodians are involved and how much of both profit and coverage they get.

  3. says

    Yeah Robin, I hope they will use a lot of Cambodian people in this project. Thank for sharing your point of view into this project.

    This would be a good project for Cambodia to make the world know more about it.

  4. SEYLA says

    Well, At one side of the coin, I would agree that the main protagonist in the movie should be Cambodian actor since this is about the Cambodian history. However, at the other side of the coin, it is understandable enough that the Producer of the movie want somebody who has already BIG NAME in acting to play the lead role, because the movie is not only for Cambodians, but the World. So in order to make profit, i don’t think there is a problem with that. I would also appeal to the Government of Cambodia to fully support the production, and facilitate the process so that the movie can be made ASAP.

  5. not impressed says

    I don’t believe this man is for real. He has no record on internet movie database (, he is talking about making a movie about Cambodia (most people in the world won’t care) and starring an American pro-wrestler (who has made only 2 movies) and spending more money on it than a James Bond movie costs.

    Why doesn’t someone examine how much profit John Cena’s movies have made and how much were their budgets?

    The Marine cost $20million to make and earned $22million at the box office.
    12 Rounds cost $20million to make and earned $25million at the bos office.

    Based on that kind of negative profitability why would anyone invest $60-70million in a film about an ancient Cambodian king that no-one in the world has ever heard of?

    I think he said “John Cena” simply because he saw how popular WWE wrestling is on tv in Cambodia. He said “Angelina Jolie” because she’s the only Hollywood star Cambodians know, because she made one movie here and adopted a Khmer boy. He said “Jet Li” because of The Mummy 3.

    • says

      many people start to doubt on this project as well, if it come from Angelina will, or any well known Hollywood director, that would make more sense. but let’s see if we could see any progress of the project, that would be good if it could be done. thank for comment!

  6. koeun says

    i believed this will be one of the most controversial films ever made about Cambodian after the Killing field. This film should embrace all Khmer to unite as one, especially if it is about how ours(religion) we become to: respect,honest, loyalty, etc. Sometimes I believe that kindness and trusting others is why ours land
    is……………………………..only if we have trust and kindness to ours own people ours land would have been the size of China instead of Washington state.

    • says

      Yes, this film should make a good foundation of Khmer history, I hope people at culture and art ministry will do their best to provide useful information to the filmmaker,

  7. Rony says

    i think it should be more Cambodian in the play if you was talking about the history of Cambodia no one don’t want a big disappointment back in khmer empire there was civilization of khmer people so if the wrestler going to play as King Jayavarman 7 then he should look like a civilize khmer then a western then no one cant really understand the history of khmer people .. i am Cambodian American and khmer history means alot too me hope nothing gone wrong and Angelina Jolie hope she understands alot about the history of khmer empire

  8. Amanda says

    I do admire Angelina and other actress and actor who want to participate in this Cambodia movie. Since Great Khmer Empire movie is so popular for us, I think Cambodia people should play the part because there are so many pretty Khmer woman and good looking men too. I have a fifteen year old daughter who is trying to become an actress and hoping there is role for her in the future.

  9. Amanda says

    Am sure the movie will turn out great and because my great-great grandfather was the king in the 1800’s ( King Sisowath) and I think my daughter would be happy to play any kind of role that is offer to her.

  10. Amanda says

    Does anybody know where to audition for this movie role? cuz I do want my fifteen year old daughter to try out. she has been taking modeling and acting for two years already or a website to look ? Maybe it’s too late? totally appreciated.

  11. Virak Vung says

    To be honest I think the way of people feel are so different of course we need a Khmer person to take the rolls but no body want to make it too complicate if there is a chance for people to do something bu it’s like you guys said they need to make profit out of the film and the film must be perfect because it’s Hollywood so if something wrong with film we are all gonna lose and we can’t even show the world this is our GREAT KHMER EMPIRE at all so I know the film maker and the manager they at trying there best have so many meeting as they need to find out what is the best solution for the film and I’m so proud of KHMER just to hear about it.
    So let’s see how is goes and what’s going to happen but I hope will be a great solution coming for our result.

  12. Jed says

    Hi Santel, How are you? So did you hear anythng els about the Great Khmer Empire Audition!… i’d like to try out for an extra roll

    • says

      hi Jed, I was always looking for additional news related to the Khmer Empire Movie, but since so far, there’s no information about the production, I will keep my eyes open for this project,

      don’t forget to check out subscription option at the top right sidebar, make sure you choose any of them to keep inform about my blog contents,


  13. Jed says

    Thank you.. You’re awesome Santel P. I love your wedding pictures.
    What about Khmer movie! What production is casting for new faces. Like freebie boys and girls. Thanks you..:)..

  14. J Ko says

    I think It sound great to receive the new experience of Hollywood and of course I am also a fan of them Esp John Cena, However The role as Jayavaraman 7 was the highness one that we though his characteristic might be a strong man who honorable but John He is an American guy and he has great body and some thing it doesn’t suitable for him to this role…. But I’ll see if he can break this record as well… Sorry Sometimes I think about this, it sound funny for me when I see Cena as Jayavaman 7 .Anyway,We welcome the new film and we hope this will make Cambodia become more wonder.

    • Bori says

      i am absolutely excited about the upcoming movie. I would prefer Mr.Magyar choose me over Jet Li as I would be a perfect right hand man to Preah Bat Jayavarman 7. I am quiet, humble and respect Buddha, but I fight to kill….

      I’d enjoy reading all your comments. I like the choices that Mr.Magyar chose. I would prefer Jet Li over Tony Jaa. As for the leading lady, Queen SumaAngelina is an excellent choice, at least she get the respect and first and only choice. John Cena is going to be awesome, he’ll be changing his name to Johncenaman 7 after box office..

      As for those complaining about Khmer actors, It would be nice,but we got none! So, Shutty, Hollywood know what they’re doing.

    • Leang says

      Oh no way!!!! He’s a trader, khmer sarin., he’s too ashame to be cambodian. Hes Thai wanna be, Thai citizen., khmer blood but doesn’t want to be khmer. Using bokator to promote thai art.

    • says

      Hi Jed, so far I don’t have any update on the production, make sure you subscribe to the comment to keep watching on the evolution of the film, Cheers.

  15. Seth says

    Hello everyone,

    I’m excited about the project. Anything of this magnitude would help put Khmer on the map. I agree with our Bloggers that they should use as many Khmer as possible. But reserve the leading roles to the more well known actors and actress. Jolie, Li, and Kyo are good choices. But the I believe Dwayne Johnson “the Rock” would be better casted than Cena. Good luck to you who want to be apart of the project. I can’t wait to see it.

  16. steven phin says

    I am Khmer my self and honestly i think this movie is going to be great. why i think is because the media is always confused about Thai and Khmer culture, and hopefully this film will solve the problem. GOOD LUCK

      • steven phin says

        i was curios as well and wanted to hear more about this project and so i googled it. thanks to google i found this blog. yes we do have the same family name :)

  17. marv aka tetuy says

    i’m so excited about this coming up “Khmer Empire” movie. i cannot wait to see it. email me when it is out at theaters. are you excited? i know i am, cause the world gonna notice that we are powerful back then, the Khmer Empire. hope to see it soon.

  18. Touch Sinath says

    i’m also very excited about this coming up “Khmer Empire” movie. and i’ll waiting for this film launching and if i have chance to be apart of this film actor i’ll join, because to since last 2002 back i use to be a film crew and actor too for Parte’ Filem( Title: Two Brother).
    Anyways, it realy a mazing to hear this film and i wish to see very very soon.


  19. Brandon Houn says

    Hello Santel,

    I agree that there’s not a lot of good khmer actors/actress out there… at least cast them as extras?

    I’m an artist and over the years I’ve written and drawn many khmer drawings and stories. I want to contact this Thomas Magyar and share some story ideas and creations with him. If you know how I can contact him or anyone associated with the production, please let me know.

    If not… I’ll just publish my book.

  20. Saralynda says

    I would def like to pay a part in this Movie free of charge lol….I am cambodian and fluent in Khmer and english but I live here in Philadelphia wish I was in Cambodia….


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