10 posts that you must read on Khmerbird

I have been blogged for years, some of my posts are good some is not so interesting.

During these few days, I am happy with the new Thesis theme. I sometime also feature the blog posts from others, which actually I could see some readers are confused who is the writer.

I will work on this new theme to separate the contents written by me and others.

Apology for those that confuse.

Here are the real best 10 posts written by me that you cannot miss:

  1. Jungle Bound, Video of Angkor Wat, Cambodia in 1930s
  2. mobility system in Cambodia
  3. Cambodia boat trip, a journey up the Mekong to Angkor
  4. I am Cambodian – An Interview with Meng Lau
  5. how to make friends in Cambodia
  6. 10 Beautiful Photo Effects Of Cambodian Temples
  7. Will Bokator can save Cambodian Cinema
  8. 10 beautiful photos from Cambodia
  9. photos of few beautiful places in Cambodia
  10. collection of Cambodia Travel Guide

I will continue to bring what’s new about Cambodia. Come back next week for more exciting features.

Enjoy your Sunday !

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