Cambodia to Send 163 Athletes to Attend 26th SEA Games in Indonesia

The National Olympic Committee of Cambodia (NOCC) plans to send 163 athletes including 28 females and 67 delegated sport officials (4 female) from 20 federations to attend the 26th Southeast Asia (SEA) Games hosted in Indonesia this year.

“The National Olympic Committee of Cambodia has applied for the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport for 230 athletes and delegates to participate in the SEA Games, but the ministry has not approved it yet,” NOCC Secretary General Vath Chamroeun said.

Currently, NOCC contains 33 federations of which 18 federations are Olympic sports and 15 are non-Olympic sports.

Among those sports 20 kinds of sports (mostly Olympic sports) are allowed to attend the SEA Games such as badminton, basketball, golf, Judo, Kempo, table tennis, Taekwondo, traditional boat, vovinam, wushu, swimming, athletic, international boxing, gymnastics, petanque, tennis, volleyball, beach volleyball, wrestling and football, Vath said.

The 26th SEA Games will be held in two cities of Indonesia, Jakarta and Palembang, from 11 to 22 November with eleven countries in the group and more than 6,000 athletes are estimated to participate in this tournament.

Sport Officials expressed their willingness to win more gold medals from these upcoming 26th Southeast Asia (SEA) Games this year in Indonesia while Cambodia athletes are trying hard for training before heading off to attend the regional tournament. Cambodian athletes won only three golden medals from the last SEA Games in Laos, and this year Cambodia athletes hope to achieve more than the previous time.

“I expect that Cambodia athletes will achieve more than three gold medals for the nation from the SEA Games this year,” Secretary General emphasized during the meeting with 20 sport federations within in the Kingdom.

He lectures participants about the strong support for athletes for the 26th SEA Games on September 31. He added that Taekwondo, Tennis, Wrestling and Petanque are the potential sport fields for the Kingdom, which hopes to get gold medals because these are the sports used to get gold medals at the international tournaments. Moreover, Badminton, Volleyball, Golf, Judo, Kempo (original martial arts from Karate), Table tennis, Traditional boat racing, Athletic, International Boxing, Vovinam, Swimming, Gymnastics, and Beach Volleyball are “the strategy sports which can have ability to achieve medals from the competition this year.”

In the encouragement for athletes to get more medals, especially gold medals, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport will hand over cash awards with US$ 6,000 to any individual athlete who wins the gold medal, US$ 4,000 and US$ 2,000 respectively to athletes who achieve silver and bronze medals. At the same time, Naga World Casino and Hotel will also promise to award US$ 3,000 for individual athletes who get a gold medal and US$ 5,000 to the group who wins the goal medals.

Moreover, Angkor Beer also plans to sponsor and give the cash awards for individual athletes with US$ 3,000 for a Cambodian gold medal winner and US$ 1,000 for a silver medal, and also will award to the winning group with US$ 5,000 and US$ 2,000 for winning a gold and silver medal respectively.

Before leaving the country to the SEA Games, Naga World also launched a party to celebrate Cambodian athletes as encouragement for sport players to get more gold medals from the 26th SEA Games this year.

Addressing that Cambodian will send 230 athletes (from 20 federations of the Olympic Committee) to attend SEA Games to be hosted in Indonesia in September this year, and Cambodia along with other 205 nations will be expected to send their athlete delegations to attend the 2012 Olympic Games to be hosted in London, England.

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