TEDx Phnom Penh 2011 Videos

I have been waiting for these videos to be available online. Today they are coming like I wish.

These are the videos from TEDx Phnom Penh 2011. I have watched them all. These people will talk about Cambodia with their own passion. They will inspire you to something for sure.

His excellency PAN Sorasak talked about his story why he came back to Cambodia. It is because Cambodia is his home.

Soluy Loeut surprised me when she asked “How people in the remote area live when they could earn less than 1 USD per day?”.

Ronjon Bhattacharya remind us to be aware of what is happening around us. Ask question to understand thing.

Kosal Khiev also surprised me with his poet “WHY I WRITE“.

Lisa Mam and Peap Tarr show us about their original street arts, their last word is to ask all Cambodian not to copy from others, create our own and be proud of our own culture.

I will bring more inspired videos as much as I can. Don’t forget to spread these out!

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