25 Top Money Making Blogs That Will Inspire You To Start Your Own Blog

I changed the bird logo. Not just the logo. I already defined my goals for 2014.

I will post more interesting contents about blogging and how to start your blogging business in up coming weeks.

I can’t have a fixed day of the week to publish yet. But I plan to post at least one article per week. I hope I can have a consistent posting schedule very soon.

In this post, I want to list down the top money making blogs that inspired me during the years.

Making money on the internet is real but you need to do it in the right way.

First it is not easy.

Just remember there’s no free meal or easy money that will come to your bank account without doing anything.

You need to work hard.

Then you will reach to some point that money could come to you with a very minimum amount of work.

The good part of it is that you don’t need big investment to start your business online. You can start it right away without going to loan money from the bank.

All you have to do is to start your own blog.

I introduce these top money making blogs because I hope they will inspire you and keep you company along with your journey. I know how I was lonely when I started my first blog. I didn’t really know what work and doesn’t work.

If you follow these blogs, you are no longer lonely. You will get a lot of inspirations and good blogging tips. Read their posts and interact with them in a good way.

Post comments on their blog. It will help to generate more back-links from well known authority sites to your young blog as well. This is good to get ranked in search engines.

But don’t spam them.

problogger.net by Darren Rowse from Australia

There are a lot of good blog tips that will help you to build a better blog. I followed the blog since I first started. What I missed during these years is not to apply enough what I read there on my own blogs.

Darren sells his eBooks. It’s good if you can create products and sell on your blog. If you work hard enough to bring visitors come to your blog and you know their problem, you can create products to solve it and sell to them.

Darren also promotes Genesis Framework as other income. I don’t have data of what he earns actually from this affiliate program.

Darren also created a forum which is actually a member site. That means we need to pay to access to the forum. I joined before. It’s such a nice place to meet other bloggers and share experiences related to blogging, SEO and how to make money blogging.

copyblogger.com by Brian Clark from Colorado, US

Brian Clark have been known as a copywriter. He encourages people to use contents as a new marketing tool. He uses this technique on his blog. He writes about copywriting and observes the difficulties of his readers. He founds copyblogger media that provide full solutions for anyone who wants to write for the web. He provides Hosting, Themes, SEO tool and now member site.

The company generates a lot of money from their software products. Most of them are monthly fee, expect Genesis framework.

It is great when you can provide solution to people, then asking them to pay you monthly.

wpbeginner.com by Syed Balkhi from Florida, US

If you’re new to WordPress, check out this blog. They provide how-to tutorials related to WordPress.

It is well targeted that people who come to their sites are WordPress users. Any affiliate programs related to WordPress such as Hosting, Themes, SEO or another related products will be interested by their readers.

They are well known as WordPress experts. People trust them and ask for WordPress design, training and consulting.

chrisg.com by Chris Garrett from Calgary, Canada

Chris provides a lot of great tips on new media: blogging, branding and online business. He has also few online courses and provide consulting and training services. He is also a speaker.

He promotes few affiliate programs such as Web Hosting and WordPress Themes.

smartpassiveincome.com by Pat Flynn from California, US

Pat generates more than $50K per month from his online business. He works very hard to get such a good result. He shares everything about his experiences: how he start his first blog, create eBooks and promote affiliate programs. He is a nice guy who tell you everything what bring him to success.

Every month he breaks down his income reports. I would recommend that you read his monthly reports because it will tell you what is work and what doesn’t work.

nichepursuits.com by Spencer Haws from Washington, US

If you want to build niche sites and make money from Adsense, go and check out the blog. Spencer shares all his techniques to find the right keywords for your niche sites. He is also develop a software called “Long Tail Keyword” which I am actually using it as well.

Spencer gets most of his online profits from Adsense, affiliate programs and selling his own software.

johnpaulaguiar.com by John Paul Aguiar from Massachusetts, US

John shares a lot of his experiences on how to make money blogging. If you are about to start your own blog, make sure to visit the blog for how-to tutorials.

John generates income from affiliate programs, selling his own products and consulting services.

kikolani.com by Kristi Hines from Utah, US

Kristi writes a lot. She writes for other blogs as well. You can learn a lot about how to promote your blog. She even write an entire book which she converted later into an online course. You can find more detail here Blog Post Promotion.

Kristi earns her living from her writing, affiliate products, online course and direct advertisements.

becomeablogger.com by Leslie Samuel from Michigan, US

Leslie is a professor and a part time blogger. You can find on his blog step by step guide on how to start a blog. It’s interesting to see a full-time worker, a dad and a husband find his time to maintain his two blogs.

Leslie earns from affiliate products and Adsense.

howtomakemyblog.com by Marko Saric from UK

Marko started his blog since 2008, focus on providing good blog tips to people to build a successful blog. There are a lot of how-to tutorials on his blogs.

Marko earns from promoting affiliate products related to Hosting, Themes and other WordPress related products.

reginaldchan.net by Reginald Chan from Malaysia

Reginald is very young. But he knows a lot about how to start an online business. He posts a lot these days. Make sure you visit his blog often.

Reginald’s income are from affiliate programs and Adsense.

robcubbon.com by Rob Cubbon from London, UK

Rob shares a lot about design. His main income is from the design business. But you can learn a lot from his online business. He shares his income regularly. He promotes affiliate programs, has his own books and courses.

basicblogtips.com by Ileane Smith from Philadelphia, US

I don’t read much from Ileane but she shares a lot of good stuff on Google+ about blogging tips. Her income sources are affiliate programs and Adsense.

chrisducker.com by Chris Ducker from Philippines

Chris is an entrepreneur. He has a company in Philippines to provide virtual assistants. He has a very good business. You can learn a lot from his experiences on branding, social media and blogging.

Beside his own business, Chris promotes some products, provide consulting service and speaking. He has an upcoming book as well.

blogtyrant.com by Ramsay Taplin from Australia

Ramsay usually write very long posts but each of his post contains a lot of great information and best tips you can’t find nowhere else. Ramsay incomes are from promoting affiliate products.

sideincomeblogging.com by Larry Deane from North Carolina, US

Larry still has his full-time job and spend free time to be as a blogger. He also shares his income reports every month. He earns from affiliate marketing, Adsense and provide web development services.

cloudliving.com by Tung Tran from VietNam

Tung shares how he built the niche sites step by step on his blog. Tung main income are from affiliate marketing. He sold one of his niche site for $10,000.

onlineincometeach.com by Matt Smith from UK

To be frank, I don’t read his blog often but I am connected with him on Google+. He shares a lot of good tips about blogging, traffic and especially about how to generate online income.

I am not sure if Matt shares his income report somewhere but I can see he promote quite few affiliate program such as Hosting, Themes and other related products. Matt also provides consulting services that help people to start their own blog or improve their existing ones.

Matt also display ads from Adsense on his sidebar.

dailyblogtips.com by Daniel Scocco from Brazil

Daniel provides a lot of great tips on blogging. He is also a good earner from Adsense. He opens a few online courses from time to time. Beside that, he also promote some affiliate products.

weblogbetter.com by Kiesha Easley South Carolina, US

Keisha shares a lot about blogging tips, SEO and how to make money from blogging. She earns from Adsense and affiliate products.

quickonlinetips.com by P. Chandra from India

There are a lot of great posts about blogging, Adsense and social media. The blog also earns the revenue from Adsense.

guideandnews.com by Ehsan Ullah from Afghanistan

Ehsan is also young. He loves blogging and shares a lot of blog tips. I didn’t see he displays Adsense but he promotes some affiliate products to monetize his blog.

trafficgenerationcafe.com by Ana Hoffman California, US

After having a blog, write a lot of great contents, you might want people to come and read it. Ana shares a lot of good stuff on how to increase traffic to your blog. That’s why I recommend her blog here as well. Ana promotes affiliate products and I believe she has some online courses as well.

socialtriggers.com by Derek Halpern from New York, US

Beside having a blog, you need to have an email list. Derek have been known as an expert about building an email list. He earns from affiliate programs and sell online course.

quicksprout.com by Neil Patel from Washington, US

Neil has his own software company that generate million of dollars. He still shares a lot of great tips about online business. You can learn a lot about traffic, conversion and business models.
He is the last one in the list but in fact he earns a lot from his software products Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics.

How To Follow These Top Money Making Blogs

I made these follow up lists for myself but if you like, you can follow theme as well. You don’t have to follow them everywhere but select one or two platforms that you think you don’t have much noise, so that you can concentrate on your blogging.

To you blogging success!

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      This is not a completed list but I hope they could inspire new bloggers in your journey of blogging and make money online.

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    Thanks for adding me to a list that contains such illustrious names, Santel. I came here from Ana’s Traffic Cafe and saw my name – wow! What an honor! Great to be inspired by these people.

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      Hi Rob,

      You gave me a lot of inspiration. I like what you shares on your blog and real inside tips on your eBooks and Courses as well.

      It’s nice to see you here!


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