angkor car model 333, made in Cambodia

Tang Chhin Sothy-AFP/Getty Images

Tang Chhin Sothy-AFP/Getty Images

i have been chasing the information about this strange car quite a while, and here you are, the image of the new car Angkor 333 made in Cambodia by Cambodian inventor Mr. Nhean Phaloek.

i believed this Angkor 333 is his 3th invention, he has 2 previous models which i don’t have any image of them yet,

Mr. Nhean Phaloek said the car will be finished at 2010 and you know what is the strange point of his invention? it’s the door that can be opened only by him and without any remote control.

he told us the door open with the feeling, he can use his feeling to ask the car to open the door and only him who can open the door. how this thing could possibly happen?

i still believe there is something hidden in his pocket, the car got the receiver ready to get the signal from his device and can make a trigger to open the door, there’s no invisible power or feeling with the technology.

but of course this is something very precise and to be admired from the talent Cambodian mechanic that invent such a small and lovely car. he also said the car would cost him only 5000 USD, all was build by him at his own garage.

even if any car company like Toyota or Peugeot or Citroen want to buy his technology, he won’t sale it to them but they can come and built the factory here. it’s a brilliant idea for the development of the country.

this post is dedicated to him and i will wait to see when the car is fully finished.

does anyone want to buy this car?

via CAAI News Media

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  1. says

    just found out u add the link, maybe it’s possible by make the machine learn about our pressure or anything capture from our thinking, it has to be a signal to be sent.

  2. VANNA says

    How nice! it is a cool looking car. I like it.

    Yes, It is possible to open the door of the car using the power of the feeling. I believe such the technology is now being developed in Great Britain for use to control computer, handicap weelchair, turn of lights, switching TV channels…etc.

    So this car designer must copy that idea to develop his own technology to attract and impress people. I admire him to build such a nice looking car and urge him to do more and go on to one day, Cambodia will build her own cars for her own people with a reasonable price that every Cambodian people can afford and for the world, and hopefully to compete with the rest of the world if our government steps in to pay for research and development! That was what Japanese government did right after WWII that made Japan what Japan is today.

    In my openion, Cambodia government should learn from Japan and abandon the corruption to save that money for this research.

    Nice job!

  3. Joel says

    Lovely car and should have made it to the Expo. Will be going to Cambodia soon and hope that I can check this out and any info about where to go, stay and if it is legal for a non resident to buy a car if staying in Cambodia or not.
    Thank You

    • Besdongrboskhmer says

      I think you can bu, it is in Kandal Province , close to Phnom Penh, capital of Cambodia. yes it is pretty cool car. check some videos in youtube about this. it’s nice

    • says

      I think the protection have been taking care of for this car, anyway we need to wait the next production of the car, I heard they got the sponsors to start the production.

  4. Ramnarayan Natarajan says

    Too expensive. Can buy 2 Tata Nano for this price. One Tata Nano costs just less than US$2250/- Also its covered, and got Airconditioner and provision for Audio system as well. And most important thing, you wont get wet when it rains.

    • says

      Maybe you are in US. Normally we pay between US$5000-10000 for second hand Car that have been used around 7-10 years.

      Because we need to pay import Tax.

      If Angkor Car can sale within US$5000, I think we will consider it. Or I believe the price will be much cheaper with the production. So far I know there’s German investor are doing the construction of Angkor Car. Don’t know when it is available in the market yet.

      • Ramnarayan Natarajan says

        No, am not in US. I am in India. Recommend you to check this website – and there is this pricing info, whereby if you can find the hi-end model costing not more than US$4375.55 and the starting model costing not more than US$3006.92

        What I mean here is, Tata Nano is thousand times better compared to this Angkor Car model.

  5. Besdongrboskhmer says

    Khmer pride ! AWesome, This is very great ! and i just heard the news yesterday that said, he going to have his own factory in cambodia and will hire 300 people and plan to built at least 500 to 1000 cars a year. This is a good news. Also, foreign country also invest money into this too.

    Great Job Khmer !


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