How to Get Your Crush to Notice You

How much does it hurt when you aren’t being able to talk with the one you love (your crush) or seeing her with someone else?

I’m currently a high school student who is studying on aboard.

The reason that makes me write this article is because I would like to get it out of my heart and I want to share it to the world.

How to Get Your Crush to Notice You

I have crush on this one lovely girl at my school for a very long time (about 2 years). She is a really nice and kind person and also has a good personality.

We barely to talk each other but we do see each other every day at school and she always gives me a smile every time she sees me.

Each time she smiles, I have fall in love with her more and more.

I have this one problem that I have no guts to talk to any girls (I don’t know why) and this makes me not so close to her because we don’t really talk.

Last year, my school had an event and it was a trip going out of school that time I had managed to talk to her because we were on the same bus. We had some good memories together during that trip and I will always remember it.

This year, on the Valentine’s Day and I bought roses for her but I put “Anonymous” so that she doesn’t know that it was me.

My school has another big event later in this year and it is only happen once in a life time for us. I always hope that I will be her partner for this event but unfortunately, I found out that she already has a partner and this really hurt me a lot.

You will understand my feeling if you have experienced with your love one is with other guys. I was so upset and I did not know what to do and I promised myself that I’m not going to this event because I can’t stand to see her with this guy.

I have so many words to tell her but I think it is better not to say it. I know if I don’t do it then I would never show her how much I love her and I have reasons that I decided not to tell her.

In my mind, I always wanted to give up on her but my heart tells me that I can’t do it.

It would be really great if you can give some tips or suggestions for me to work this out.

What can I do to get to know her more and to develop our relationship closer?

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  1. says

    Sometime we like to assure ourselves that we know a lot of things without asking.

    You need to start showing your love to her, I think there are many ways to let her know. Maybe to find a good time and tell her what you feel about her.

    Don’t just make a conclusion yourself that she love that partner, maybe it is because she doesn’t have anyone. You don’t tell her that you want to become her partner at the event.

    When someone approach her first, she might accept it.

    Anyway it is not too late to show how you feel about her, forget the event! forget that partner.

    Find your own way and date her to go out to a suitable place where you can confess your love.

    Whatever the result, you won’t regret it.

    • says

      If you really want her, then you need to get her. If you study together, you have more chance to be closer to her. Talk and act with her more than just being a friend with her, show that u care her. She will understand it quickly, and soon after seeing good situation, tell her.

      You will feel less depressed after telling her, no matter how she responses!

      • says

        Sereyboth I understand you but we barely talk to each other.
        I’m just too scared to tell her and as you know, I’m studying on aboard and she is not Cambodian but her parents are. And I’m sure they don’t want to get married with a person that does not have the same nationality as them, only I’m lucky enough.If you get my points.

        • says

          I used to think the same way of you when I was young. I thought it should not be possible. I thought she might get mad. I thought I am not the right person etc.

          But at the end, the problem was about me, myself alone. I dare not to speak out what I feel.

          Believe me, the rest is not important. The most important is something that is burning inside your heart. It’s the true and purest thing in the world. The rest is not important.

          As I said since the beginning, thing will come if we want it enough and if we dare to go for it.

          • says

            Im truly love her.
            And you explained so well Mr Santel. That’s what I feel and I thought I’m only one. Thank you for sharing.

    • says

      You are right. Mr Santel.
      Your suggestion is a great idea but I think her parents are strict and I don’t know if she is ready for it.
      My friends always said it to me to “do it or you will regret it”. Well they are right because I was to scared to ask her. I admit that it was my fault.
      I find it so awkward when every time I talk to her.

  2. says

    That’s me when I was a High School students. I’ve never talk to the girls who I fall in love, even look at her face … And sometimes if I saw her at one way, I’ll go to another way. How Embarrassing!

    *** My Story – not too long.

    One day (I was a year 3 student), I met a girl (my girlfriend) on Exhibition day at Norton University, she and her friend walked to see my project (her friend know me and bring her to see me) and I heard her friend said “That’s Bong Pheak who you want to meet.”. I’m so surprise to hear that. Actually, she knew me on Facebook in the IT Group.
    After that, in the evening, someone chat to me via facebook “I see you at Exhibition at NU” but I’m really don’t know who that is.

    A few days ago, we chat and share any knowledge and experience together, and she changed her profile picture, I noticed her face (I used to see her at Baktouk School we learnt C++ subject there.) and I chat to her “That’s you!”.
    The special day is coming, 11-11-2011. I decided to ask her out to breakfast via chat. Actually, if I meet her face to face, I’m sure I’m not dare to say. […]

    And the history has continuing till now.

    I and my girlfriend have a plan for wedding in 2015. If you look at the past, did you think I will have a girlfriend? Should NOT.

    I suggest you, Mr. Kon Khmer, to use other method to contact her if you’re not dare to talk to her (Just like me) like Facebook Chat, Messager, or Phone (If you can). That’s make you and her are closer. Isn’t that? And especially, to be stronger like Mr. Santel said. That’s true, stronger bring you success.

    Wish you and her!

    • says

      Thank you Sopheak for sharing your personal experiences. You are right, sometime it is hard to say such thing face to face but we will feel better if we can chat or send SMS.

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