Don’t Think It’s Easy To Make Money Online… Read This First!

Make Money Online

I write this blog post because I think it’s important for everyone who want to make money online understand how online business works.

Some of my friends suggest that I should write about this topic.

To be frank, I am not yet a successful blogger who earns a lot of money. But making money online is a topic that I have been followed for years. I know which models are the right ones and which models that you should not pay attention to.

To start, I just want to remind you two principals:

  1. There’s no such magic that you could become a rich person over night or in a very short period of time. There’s no such secret system that will help you to generate thousand of dollars without doing anything. Don’t buy any system! Don’t join any program! It won’t happen. Don’t obsess with the money.
  2. Nothing is free in this world, even a free meal.

Don’t get me wrong. It doesn’t mean that making money online is not possible. It’s possible but it’s not easy. You need to work hard. You need to build your brand and trust. You need to be able to provide education, services or products.

Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income who generates more than 40,000 USD dollars per month from his online business mentioned about two important factors that could bring you success in making money online:

  • You need to have confidence in yourself
  • You need to give it some time

There’s one thing that I want to make it clear here. Don’t join any program that requires you to ask someone else to join the same program as you in order for you to make money.

It doesn’t make sense.

I’m Ok if someone recommend me a good hosting or a good WordPress theme. I am happy if someone recommend me to buy a book. I am Ok if someone send me some affiliate products. I also recommend some products because I used them and I like them. I recommend because this hosting, WordPress theme, Book or product might help you in someway.

If you decide to buy it, I will get some commission. Again it doesn’t mean you need to pay more then a usual price if you buy it through my affiliate link. You pay the same price. But the owners is happy to pay me the commission because I bring them a new customer.

But to join a program or a system that could make money by inviting others to join doesn’t make sense to me. It has to be a product or service. A system could not survive by just inviting people to join.

This is not a good way of making money online. You can’t depend on something you can’t control. If you are about to start your online business, you need to have 100% control on it.

I will give you an example. It’s not an online business. But it will make you more easy to understand about this type of business model.

I have received a call asking me if I want to earn 2000 USD dollars per month. I thought it was an online project. I asked her back how did she get my number. She said she found it on the internet.

I thought they visited my website and want to discuss about online business with me. I agreed to go to their place. Then, they start to introduce the products which are mostly pills.

I didn’t stay long because I know I was cheated. I know this kind of business model since long time. I thought nobody is going to believe it.

They don’t have to explain me in details. Since I saw a lot of people there, I know their business model. If I could bring my friends to buy their products, I will earn money. If I could bring my relative to buy their products, I will earn more money. Then, if I could bring all my family and relative to buy their products, I probably earn more money.

But what’s the point?

We can have good health by eating good food, doing exercise and living in a good environment. We don’t need pills. We need pills when we can’t eat. We need pills when we can’t resist to the virus etc.

we don’t need to take pills all the time. If we follow this models, we will end up by spending all our money to buy pills or their products.

A good product don’t need that process to grow their business. If I take a pill and it did help me to recover from my illness. I will note the name. And if I see anybody who have the same illness, I will recommend it to them.

It’s simple to understand.

There’s a nice bar that never open its front door. People need to access via a small street in order to entry be the back door of the bar. There’s no sign either.

But the bar has always a lot of customers. It’s spread by word of month. This is the real nice bar. They didn’t pay you to bring more costumer but they make their places and services to satisfy you so that you will invite your friends to come, if you prefer of course.

I support that type of business. I like the bar anyway.

I know there’s similar type of business in making money online world. I don’t want to give any detail because I myself don’t get involved much with this type of business.

Here are the real online business models I know so far:

  • Create Website and Earn from advertising or affiliate programs (quite easy but not so sustainable)
  • Create Online Training (Hot market)
  • Provide Online Services (Consultant, SEO services, Website Design or Development…)
  • Create Software or Mobile Applications (Requires knowledge and expertise)
  • Work as Freelancer (Requires knowledge and expertise)
  • Writing Book (long process and need a good platform)

These are the real models of making money online.

What I learn from the book Anything You Want is that every business is created to solve a problem. Start helping people to get what they want, then they will give you what you want.

I write this post in hope that you don’t allow yourself to stuck in a system that you cannot control. As I said in the beginning you need to have full control on your business.

What’s you up to lately in making money online? I hope you could share some of your thoughts with us. Share with us if you experienced the type of referral system. I love to hear from you.

Take Care.


  1. says

    an excellent post Santel. I met a lot of people who want to earn online and some of them I mentored. The main problem is that most of them think making money online is a ‘get rich quick scheme’ and they expect to be millionaires after one week. Like you, I also dislike those referral type of programs. It’s MLM and its bound to collapse at one point so better use your money elsewhere.

    After years earning online, I should say, like in every career, it requires hard work, and a lot of persistence. It’s also wise to use multiple streams of income, don’t just rely on one source of income. ie. its not good to just rely on Adsense alone, explore other income streams so if one fails, there is always a back up.
    LuiinPenh recently posted…Moved! Welcome to My ‘New’ BlogMy Profile

    • Santel Phin says

      Hi Lui,

      Nice to hear back from you.

      People from Cambodia is still young for online business. I write this post after knowing a lot of people want to make money online but don’t know where to start or which way is the good direction.

      I think I will write more on the topics.

      I totally agree on the multiple incomes, and do not depend on one source only. Now I start my Web development services, and look for more clients.

      Keep in touch!

  2. says

    Nice Post, bro.

    I totally agree !!! We have to spend enough times to earn money with blog or business online. I planned to develop a few simple website/blog and earn money through Adsense. But it’s fail because I spent less than 2 hours/week (I hate how lazy I am).

    I used to hear from other, kind of khmer websites – movie or music video embedded with Youtube. They earned up to $4,000 per month. Most of their visitors come from Korea. This is a succeed way to earn money online with Adsense (Sure, it’s illegal). And he worked so hard at mid-night (the right time for Korea Visitors) to post a new movie (speak khmer) or a new music video from any productions.

    Should we start with this model? I said no, short time earning and at risk in the future.
    Sopheak recently posted…របៀប Reset Password Users ទាំងអស់​ក្នុង WordPressMy Profile

    • Santel Phin says

      Me also, I plan to build some niche sites but don’t have enough time to do it yet. I need to look at myself and commit to have time for this.

      I know some friends who earns a lot of money from YouTube. There are many different ways of making money online, as long as we have 100% control on it, we can go ahead.

      If copyright start to take place, those sites will need to face some issue. But if they like what they are doing now, I got no comment on this.

      The best way is to create our own products or services.

    • Santel Phin says

      Thank you bro, long time didn’t get comment from you. I am back now. I am back as I am. I am back to write what I want to write because it is important that I am me and I do what I want to do, I write what I want to write.

      I come back for good I think.

  3. says

    What a nice article bro!

    What you write is perfectly easy to understand, yep like what I also use to hear “Build something we have 100% control on it” and one more is to avoid something like MLM.

    For a person like me, when it come to making money online, I like to make use of different things as well as making as many source of income as possible which simply mean “Don’t put all egg in one basket”. And best ways to make money online for starter to start that I can recommend are:
    – create niches based website (a bit hard and you need to spend some money to start, at least you need proper SEO knowledge and some a bit technical work)
    – create android app (very hot market, you can sell your app or just place advertising, quite profitable and you can mostly create app without any coding, look for a tool like that and be creative ;) )
    – run a blog (if you like blogging and keen to stick and make it success, go for it. It can be a long term business that can build your reputation/community with countless opportunity of making money later)

    Before doing anything, know your niche/topic wisely and make sure it is profitable and you need to have passion in it too or at least you interest in it.

    However, you need being patience as well as keeping motivated and keep thinking that you are doing a real business, otherwise you will wake up one day and quit.
    Sereyboth Yorn recently posted…Top 10 Best Soccer Players in 2013My Profile

    • Santel Phin says

      Thank Sereyboth for sharing your tips on how to make money online. I really want to build Niche sites. I start to look for topics and study about the market.

      Can you give me the link where we can build Android Application online again?


  4. says

    Great topic bro, this is very encourage me to pursue this job again as I have stuck it so far. thanks for sharing a very helpful and motivated idea.

    I have a question bro, I used to read one of your articles and you told about you got picture from Flickr. I tried to take it to use for my site but it could not do it. Can you tell me how brother?
    Thanks in advance!

    • Santel Phin says

      Hi Samang,

      Sorry that I missed out your comment, I just realized today that you posted your question a few days a go.

      Here is the link to Flickr:

      You can use advanced search from Flickr, then select “Only search within Creative Commons-licensed content”, you will be able to save the image.

      If you don’t select this option, some photos are copyrights, and you cannot download the image directly, unless you view it in the source code,

  5. Uch Sarath says

    I’ve been reading similar articles, but this one sound so interesting to me. I’ve been googling a lot about the best way to make a website with high traffic and how to get Google Ads as soon as possible. This topic is cool.

  6. says

    I recently found a way to earn money easier.
    All you have to do is click on advertisement to earn money.

    You could earn up to $100 per day. Yes I know it sounds fake to you but well I will you the result when I reach my goal.

    Click on my name to go to the website and find out more.

    • Santel Phin says

      hummm, personally I’ve never been a fan of this kind of making money online. We should give value, work hard and deserve what we earn.

  7. says

    That’s great experience. i am interested at first point you were talking one business. I thought it is network marketing while many company are using this business model in Phnom Penh Nowaday. I know few of them such as Tien, sportron, Zulian… I didn’t get much involved with it but i do understand how the money can return us. Well, now i don’t care about it anymore. I am happy with my real online marketing. I create blogs for years with many problems, but now i do get good result. And i am doing it until i can get 100% control of my financial. Thanks for sharing your article.

    • Santel Phin says

      Thank Bro for your comment. I think everything is difficult at the beginning. We don’t know what will work for us but at least I think all of us have tried and found the right way to have a sustainable income online.

      I believe starting from next month, I will be able to have an extra income on a regularly basic!

      • says

        Hi, Brother

        Could i ask you some questions? I saw many blogger which is posted the content about Hot News and link with Facebook included their Adsense on that blog. Dose it work or not? How much dose they earn from that? THANK!

        • Santel Phin says


          It is hard to explain. But if they blog or website has visitors, they could earn from the clicks. It really depends on number of visitors who visit the site.

  8. Mithona says

    Hello Brother Santel and all members here, I just read about this post and can understand a little bit about make money online.
    I wonder about copyright, I see many Cambodian upload videos to youtube, upload song and some websites or blog have posted the same contents or copy news contents from each other, it that the right way or legally posts when they take contents or videos from other side to upload for their own side or blog?
    What is the copyright for productions, creators and others authors?

    • says

      Hi Mithona,

      Good observation. When people copy contents from others, they violate the copyright. Soon or later, they will have issue with it. I hope they are lucky so that their business still can generate money.

      But if one day, their account is banned or closed. They will need to start all over again.

      I don’t recommend this strategy.

      You need to create your own unique contents. You will not have to worry if any problem happen to your business.

      Let me know if you need more information or have other questions.

  9. Santel Phin says

    Hi Bong,

    I visited your site on the other day, impressive with your content and theme. Adsense is getting low for me but as everybody said we should not depend on one income.

    I think if you get more traffic, you can try to contact direct advertisers. It’s work for a lot of sites in Cambodia, it should work for us as well.

    The problem is we don’t have time to make contact but we can try to email them. I have this in mind since long time but never set a good time to start.

    You should also look for affiliate programs.


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