New World Korean Movie

New World Korean Movie

I don’t go to Legend Cinema anymore. They also stop providing me any free premiere ticket. But it’s OK. Even they continue to send me the tickets, I will not be able to go and watch movie anymore.

But I am using Digi Internet Provider. I used to admire them for the reliable connection and speed. Now it’s a bit hard for to say but I just renew the subscription for another 5 months. I hope they will improve their speed.

Their CEO contacted me to thank for the article I wrote about them. At the same time, he also mentioned Digi is facing some challenges with a huge increasing of the subscriptions and I believe they also faced some technical issues.

The best part of the Digi is that we can download movies for free and with a very high local speed. I love that since I am a fan of movies.

Yesterday I watched “New World”. It’s a Korean movie. This movie is for men to watch. I mean it. It’s a gangster movie. But I like it.

What is all about?

It’s a war between gangsters and polices. In order to get the inside information, police sent many undercover agents. Ja-sung played by LEE Jung-jae spent 8 years of his life to be an undercover agent. He didn’t want to continue anymore but his supervisor didn’t allow him to quit.

One day the big boss of the gangsters died. Policed started a new operation under the code called “New World”. Gang’s members are fighting each other to be the big boss. This is a perfect opportunity for police to interfere into internal affair of the gang.

What I like about the movie

It’s hard to find a good movie to watch these days. What I like about Asian movies is that we make the movie more personal. “New World” is one of my latest good quality Korean movie. The opening scene will keep your eyes open and pay attention to every move of the characters.

All the actors are well known in Korean movie industry. They performed very well. You won’t regret it.

Things to take away

The decision of the undercover agent at the end might surprise you a lot but it will give you a moment of reflection to yourself.

He needs to pick a side. Being as a gangster for 8 years, he has a lot of brothers. One of them decided not to kill him even he know he is a undercover police.

It’s the real value of the friendship.

The result of the “New World” operation didn’t turn out according to the plan. We need to keep the principals. If we don’t follow the principals, bad things will happen for sure.

Don’t try to fake things in order to win. All those things will come after you. You can’t run from the reality. It will kill you at the end.

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