KhmerBird Sunday Edition

I am back starting from today to do a weekly review on what’s happening in Cambodia and collect all important Cambodia news during the week.

I once called it KhmerBird Sunday Edition. I will continue to call it the same. The main difference is that I can now manage my time to write it. I am writing it at 5:30 Am.

I started my new routing of getting up early so that I can work, quietly one or two hours per day on blogging. I stop touching my computer when I arrived home. I play with my kid. I talk with my wife. I want to spend more time with my family, physically and mentally.

KhmerBird Sunday Edition

Ask yourself if there’s any thing you stop caring about? Especially your family?

If you want to save your marriage, take care your family!

Put all priority things in a list and do it first. Some people even have two kinds of list: one is to-do list and another one is to-ignore list.

We don’t have time for everything. We need to learn how to ignore the less priority things so that we can have time to work on the priority things.

That’s what I am implementing right now. And that’s why I can continue doing things I want to do.

Ok, now I am so exciting to start our first edition this week:

  • Phnom Penh Post: Citibank seeks investment opportunities in Cambodia

    That’s a good news, definitively. It would give us as bloggers or entrepreneur in Cambodia to have a good opportunity to make easy payment I guess.

    Quote from the article (Source):

    They are seeking expansion in the region. Citibank already has more than 4,000 branches in 160 countries around the world, and they’re targeting Cambodia, Thailand Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar. They are looking for Cambodia to be the strategic central area for their business expansion in Southeast Asia. Citibank is also willing to help Cambodia attract more investors.

  • Why Cambodia is a better travel destination than Thailand

    I was just so curious when I first look at the title because it’s hard to compare a city to another. But Michael Wieczorek from has done a very good job to give you what you can except in both countries.

    And what I love the most is when he said (Source):

    Cambodian’s may not be wealthy, but they’re all rich in spirit. They may not have much, but they’re never short on smiles.

  • Siem Reap: Paradise Eco Resort

    Paradise Eco Resort, Siem Reap, Cambodia

    Paradise Eco Resort, Siem Reap, Cambodia (Source)

    I just love this photo! I shared it on my Facebook and people love it too.

    From the description of the photo, I found link to Paradise Eco Resort. I will contact them later. Maybe we can have a full article about them.

  • Cambodia: Forests, Water, Life

    It’s a film made by conservationist filmmaker Allan Michaud. It talks about forests and explains very clearly how it could maintain the water and life.

    CNC channel will broadcast the film this Sunday at 13:30 (Source).

    The film is also available on YouTube:

  • Dub Addiction – Cambodia’s one and only Ragga Dub Band

    I was surprised but as the same time that’s a cool music video. This is the first time I listen to Ragga sang in my own language.

    I don’t know but it sounds better than Khmer RAP. Maybe because Ragga is more slower than RAP.


I need to finish my first edition here. I have this idea back yesterday so I didn’t have much time to work on it. I hope I could bring more good stuff to read in the next edition.

I hope you enjoy this first edition, if any comment or suggestion, do let me know!

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