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People said 10 television channels are not equal to a radio station. It’s hard to follow Cambodia news when most of the medias are not independent.

I don’t watch Tv for years, except on the election day. I was waiting for the result of the election. Then I saw only Karaoke songs being played one after one.

NEC didn’t show up to provide a summary of the election. They let the presentators read the results. What a disappointment!

Then the minister of the information announced the result on his Facebook page, followed by more details, a while later, from The Cambodia Daily.

We are lucky enough to have social media such as Facebook and Twitter. I followed almost every minute all the updates from #ElectionsKH.

The results have been posted on Facebook instantly from each polling station. We know what was happening.

There were few local newspaper that updated only when one party won. It’s fair enough I think. It’s fair enough to tell myself to remove all my subscriptions from those newspapers. I won’t read them anymore. I won’t watch those channels anymore. It’s fair enough.

Here are my personal favorite sources that I think they are professional and can be trusted.

  • The Phnom Penh Post: Khmer and English. I hope they will improve the performance of their server soon. Sometime you need to refresh or wait a bit to get the page displayed.

  • The Cambodia Daily: Khmer and English. Some of their contents allow for subscribers only. If you could wait, they will release for everybody a day later. I admire when there’s an urgent message, they turn the subscription off.
  • Radio Free Asia: Khmer and English. They have also radio channel. This is the main source for Cambodian people in the provinces while they don’t have internet access yet. They also have a YouTube channel.
  • Voice of America: Khmer and English. They also have a YouTube channel.
  • RFI in Khmer
  • VAYO FM in Khmer

You might know, I also have Cambodia News – Daily Edition that collect of latest news and headlines related to Cambodia. You can subscribe to have updates sent to your email as well.

I recently published also a Flipboard magazine called Cambodia News as well. Flipboard provides us convenience to read the news on smartphone or tablet.

I hope all these sources will be useful to you. If I miss something or you want to share your favorite sources, comment below!

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  1. says

    For my personal habit, Facebook is the big source of getting hot news. But i have to be careful as some news are fake. For official news, i always listen radio like RFA, RFI.

  2. Santel Phin says

    Thank Peter for your comment. I am personally a bit surprise of this change but I am happy to see we are going forward.


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