Cambodia Travel Weekly News: ASEAN Summit 2012

Cambodia Travel news this week highlight:

This week is an exciting week for Cambodia. We organized ASEAN Summit 2012 in Phnom Penh. The meeting should be started today and finished on 20 November 2012.

We also have a famous backpacker Dave Dean who arrived in Cambodia and spent few nights at Otres beach. I was surprised when I heard the guest house had a reliable power and internet connection.

That is something very cool. It was a pleasure to exchange some tweets with him.

I joined the launch of Windows 8 in Cambodia and wrote a post about it as well. Let me know what do you think about this latest OS version from Microsoft.

Then you might be aware of the new Cambodian coming movie: Have you ever loved me? It looks cool. I hope I will have chance to see the whole movie at its premiere.

That’s the summary of this week. Enjoy the details below:

  • Cambodia gears up for asean summit

    PHNNOM PENH, CAMBODIA: All eyes will be on Cambodia this November 18 when the country plays host to leaders from around the world for the 21st Asean Summit. Read more …

  • President Obama’s Trip to Asia

    President Obama’s upcoming trip to Thailand, Burma, and Cambodia, where he will also attend the East Asia Summit and meet with the leaders of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

    I found also a funny photo of the president and I really want to put it here to welcome him to Cambodia.

    President Obama and McKayla Maroney

    President Obama and McKayla Maroney – Source

  • Life doesn’t suck in Cambodia

    otres beach cambodia

    Otres beach Cambodia by Dave Dean

    That was the photo that brought me to read more and interact with Dave Dean from

    I wanted to have a look when I went to work at Preah Sihanouk but didn’t have time to do so. Dave confirmed they can get clean water, power and internet connection at Otres.

    He wrote (Source):

    The days had settled into a deliciously lazy routine. Wake up, open the door, walk ten metres into the flat ocean. Eat breakfast, work for a while, walk ten metres into the flat ocean. Have lunch, lie on the sun loungers with a book … and walk ten metres into the flat ocean.

    Add a few beers as the sun goes down. Rinse and repeat.

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Have a nice Sunday everyone!

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