Cambodian Top Stories Are Now Handled By Simplepie

I have spent this whole Saturday to continue my project of Cambodian Top stories,

Yahoo Pie is good but it stucks sometime and it is not very easy to made the modification, I failed to save many times. And output feed sometime is not available.

I heard that Simplepie can allow me to get the feed, arrange them from multiple sources and filter them according to certain rules. I stated to understand how this thing work and now as you can see I have my own Cambodian Top Stories, running on my own server and it will update every 30 minutes if there’s any news related to Cambodia.

These top stories have been collected from various sources like: CNN, BBC, New Year Times, Guardian and many mores.

Simplepie is a magic thing that could help you to collect any feed. But some feed doesn’t easy to normalize. I still have some works to do to improve this.

In mean time, I hope you enjoy the Cambodian Top Stories on the right sidebar.

បើ​លោក​អ្នក​ពេញ​ចិត្តអត្ថបទ​នេះ សូម​ជួយ​ចុច LIKE ដើម្បី​ផ្សព្វ​ផ្សាយ​បន្ត!



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