have you experience with adsense check

google-adsense-logoi received my first cheque from google, it might happened to everybody since long time ago but for me it’s the first time. a bit surprise but not much exciting yet because i don’t earn much from good adsense, my text link ads can pay me enough for the hosting cost at least,

i got the cheque but i don’t know how to get the cash, so i went to the SBC bank, i don’t know if you experience the google adsense ads in Cambodia but what i have learn from the SBC bank is quite difficult.

i have to pay them 70 USD just to process the cheque, i supposed to get 100 USD or something from the cheque but no, you cannot do that in Cambodia.

i need to pay 70 USD to SBC and wait for another two months, then if they can clear the cheque i can get back to 40 USD and the rest of the money in the cheque, meaning they will charge 30 USD for the cost of cheque clearance.

i need to pay first to clear my cheque, maybe it’s something you are not experience yet in other place. i still not yet decide what should i do with the cheque.

lately i have optimized a lot for display google adsense but somehow i don’t want to disturb my visitors. give me any feedback if something you don’t like about my blog, i would be happy to make it better.

here is the cheque looks like:

adsense cheque

anyone can show me the way how to clear my adsense cheque in Cambodia?

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  1. says

    i have my friend at phillipin he got first payment from google ads
    they pay by Western Union
    maybe u have to set up google account
    for me am not yet get
    how long u get ur payment ?

    by the way now u have nice design for website ?

  2. says

    Until now, I received fourth check from Google Adsense but all checks are sent to my friend’s address in USA. it is because that it is hard for us in Cambodia to access money from google, so i use my freind’s address. As I used to read Piseth’s blog about his payment from google. U can ask more detail about this to Piseth because he used to get checks from google.

  3. says

    My name is darong. I have tried many time request google adsense, but there is one problem: incorrect or not provided postal code. I am sure I gave them postal code. I don’t know if it is correct, but I did check it in http://www.yp.com.kh for the place I live.

    Can you tell me how to request Google Adsense for people who live in cambodia (Please tell me clearly about postal code). My address is: #141z, St. Kampuchea Krom Blv, Sangkat Teuk La or I, Khan Toulkok, Phnom Penh.


  4. says

    hi Darong,

    did u try to enter this post code 12156 in the post code field ?
    normally it should work,

    hope this could help
    let me know if u still have problem,

  5. says

    yes let’s try both way, i singed up for long time ago, maybe it’s a good idea to have a proper article here on how to sing up an adsense account,

  6. says

    My adsense account had pass $10 and adsense had sent me the PIN CODE but I have not received it. I requested them three times already but I still not get it yet. Anyone in Cambodia who received cheque form adsense can help me what to do???? :-(
    .-= Kaun Khmer´s last blog ..Talent Management, April 2010 =-.

  7. Vuth says

    Hello Mr. Santel
    This blog great and clean…But i doubt why i can’t access to your blog Khmerhacker or Khmerblogger? I have one question and also want to get some advice from you. i have a blog which approved by adsense and already requested pin code three times, it appears with the link to contact with adsense teams to send documents. I want ask you what kind of doc you sent them to get your account validate?

    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Thank and best regard,


    • says

      Hi Vuth,

      My two others blog will be online soon, I have some technical problem with hosting account.

      Congratulation for the 3th attempt to get the pin, I remember I send few documents:

      1. The scan of my passport,
      2. The scan of my last bank record, so that they can confirm my address
      3. Maybe you can send also a copy of your ID card,

      With these 3 docs I think it would be enough for Google to release the pin or they will validate for you.

      Good luck and let me know the result.


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