Making Money Online – Income Report December 2013

Marketing involves a number of tasks that all have measurable results. These measurements are what justify your time, money and effort. If you’re not measuring what you’re doing you’ll be wasting your time because you’re bound to repeat your mistakes and miss opportunities to capitalize. – Neil Patel

You might feel like me.

You feel like you are wasting your time in blogging.

Or maybe not.

Since few years, I keep running this blog without any progress.

People asked me “How is your KhmerBird?”. I didn’t have the right answer. I just smiled at them and replied “It’s OK! It’s still running”.

But to tell you the true, there’s no progress. The number of visitors are still the same. The revenues from the blog are still the same.

In fact it doesn’t mean that I don’t have a vision. I wanted KhmerBird to become a place where people could find good information about Cambodia. Then I was stuck in providing what I planned. I could not find good writers. I didn’t have enough time to write by myself.

But it doesn’t mean either I dropped my dream.

I still believe online business is possible. In case you missed it, you can read 25 Top Money Making Blogs That Will Inspire You To Start Your Own Blog. That post will assure you that making money online is possible.

I keep paying to make Cambodian News running without any profit. It collects and provides a lot of good articles related to Cambodia. Each morning, it publishes new articles on its own. I don’t have to do anything about it. My dream is running without me.

I developed Khmer News which now became the top application for keyword “Khmer News” on Google play.

What did I miss on KhmerBird to make it progress?


As you read already the quote from Neil, if you don’t measure, you can’t make progress. You will not know what work and what doesn’t work.

Starting from the beginning of 2014, I will track down everything happens on KhmerBird:

  • Engagement and Reach
  • Lead Generation & Subscriptions
  • Direct Sales & Revenue

I am not sure how much details I could break down but I will share more information on my next report.

How much I earned last December

  • Google Adsense: $322.26
  • Sales from ClickeAble Theme: $29
  • Amazon Affiliate: $1.85

In total I earned $352.85

This is the chart of revenue compared to previous months.


It’s a good sign to see the revenue increases. But as I said the main income is not from KhmerBird. I hope by narrowing down the readers will allow me to provide good contents on blogging tips and how to start making money online.

This is the flexible way of keeping your dream aside and make your time to really do things that will make your life better.

My action plans

Things don’t come without a plan. I also wanted to confess that the unrest Cambodia during these few weeks diverts my concentration. But it is OK. It’s because I am care of what is happening in my country. You can keep your eyes closed. You can continue to ignore not to take any part. It is your right.

At the bottom of my heart, I want every Cambodian to have right to express themselves and have right to ask what they deserve. So I spent my time followed very closely to the protests and news related to Cambodia.

For the upcoming weeks, I hope I will be able to post a new blog post per week here on KhmerBird. I will write more about blogging. I want to help people out to start a blog and improve their lives by doing the right things to increase their incomes.

I saw a lot of Ads on Facebook to recruit people to work online. I don’t know what it is all about. But as I said here and here I don’t believe in easy money. I need to have 100% control in doing things I love to do.

I not yet fully introduce my web development and consulting services. It’s also a part of my plan to generate online income. Hope I could officially launch it soon.

That’s all for this month report. I wrote things as it came to my mind. It’s not well structured maybe. But I hope this post to be a conversation rather than a normal blog post.

Cheers to your online success!

បើ​លោក​អ្នក​ពេញ​ចិត្តអត្ថបទ​នេះ សូម​ជួយ​ចុច LIKE ដើម្បី​ផ្សព្វ​ផ្សាយ​បន្ត!



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  1. says

    It’s quite good income for previous months. Honestly, I just try to make money after reading your blog posts with your keywords to engage me to do it. Thank you very much bro.

    Hope your next plan will be launched officially soon.


    • Santel Phin says

      Hi Sopheak,

      I saw you got your first Google cheque now! Congratulation. All my best wish to your websites and online business.

      • says

        Thank bro. But it’s a bad news for me that Banks in Cambodia stop receiving check clearing from foreign checks. It’s only available from Singapore with higher service charge.

        As I contacted with Google Adsense support, they said I need to wait about 60 days to resume my revenue to next payment. By the way, my another payment is coming up around this week with Western Union Method. 😀

        Could you write any post relate to Adsense withdraw money methods? And suggestion people (especially, beginner like me) to select the right payment method or they have to wait like me.

        Appreciate your work, bro!

        • Santel Phin says

          When I first heard, it is strange that you select the cheque option. But don’t worry the money will resume back to your account. Nothing lost.

          It might be a good topic to share. Thank for your suggestion.

          • says

            I decided to select check method because I’d like to see how google check look like. Is it funny? Lol, any purpose for using in the future btw.
            Money will resume to my account after 12 months, Adsense support said.

            Hmm, did you know bro could I withdraw my money using check in different country? VN, TH? If it’s ok, it may be a good time for me to be a tourist. :)

            Wait to read your great post next time.

  2. nav chantha says

    That is a good news. I hope I will be learn from this. I always fail on google Adsense content, but i success on Youtube.

    • Santel Phin says

      Hi Chantha,

      I can’t enable my YouTube Adsense, maybe because I am from Cambodia or I don’t have enough contents on my account?

      Hope you could share some tips about how to enable Adsense on YouTube.


  3. says

    I’m so impressed of how you earned so much just by Google Adsense!
    Is it just from your website or your Khmer News app as well?

    You should find a way to earn up to $1000. HAHAHA
    Keep it up brother.

    • Santel Phin says

      Hi Trung,

      It’s nice to have you here. You got a nice blog as well. I see a lot of comments from each post which is really good.

      Keep in touch!

  4. says

    It’s nice that you could generate passive income from your News Application bro.

    I am getting the fortunes while the unfortunate stuffs happened during last 1 or 2 months.

    My personal blog got hacked and all of my files were deleted and the backup is nothing helpful. Therefore, I suspended the site for a while.

    In addition, my Amazon journey was stopped running and it’s gone for good. While I am desperate to earn money online and need some quick bucks to support my daily lifestyle, I using Incentive CPA networks and PPD methods to earn (Youtube + PPD).

    It’s fascinating that I could earn some decent amount of money through this method. I must buy some gift for myself during this Chinese New Year, Mac Book.

    Anyways, keep it coming; I really appreciate your post!


    • Santel Phin says

      Hi Vanrithy,

      It’s good to know you find alternative sources of income to get survived when bad thing happen to Adsense.

      Look forward to hear your experience with Mac book!

  5. says

    Dear Bong Sentel,

    Nice to see your income keeps growing.

    i think most Cambodian bloggers, start a blog for making money. Starting blog for making money, it isn’t really actually growing for last long because sometime they are going to write about this and that based on the lightning motivation of some point of views of someone or things exposed by bloggers.

    Do what you love and do it best without expecting to making money that is idea of money generation that it is even recommended by Google.

    As now i just currently starting a blog:, i would share with you that this blog is created at aiming to mainly provide useful information about Cambodia. Together it provides knowledge, tips and tricks to help people in solving the needs of their daily life as well. I don’t care whether i make money from this blog or not but what i care is how can i share my country information to the world and help people, that’s it.

    As you know that Cambodia is one of the most resource-rich country amongst others in the region in term of natural resources and culture. Unfortunately, the information and documents seems to be hidden or not available online. To make it well-known to the world, only sharing the information by both broadcasting video and posting useful contents through internet which it works.


    Sovann My,
    Founder of

    • Santel Phin says

      Hi Sovann,

      I truly understand your vision and thank you for providing useful information on your blog. I can’t agree with you enough that we need more information to be available online.

      That’s why I started this blog as well.

      Keep up your good work!

  6. Santel Phin says

    Hi Sophy,

    I believe your income is growing as well. The more we work hard, the more we will get. Keep working hard!

  7. Santel Phin says

    Adsense is easy but it is hard to control and make it sustainable. I don’t see it as a reliable source, especially on when we display it on the web.

    By the way, Admob which is designed for mobile application can be more reliable. You should focus on creating Mobile App.

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