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Why Self-Development Is So Important For Cambodia To Grow?

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I still believe even these days that self-development of each Cambodian will bring a big impact to the nation.


We used to be the victim of big ideas. Many times and many years. We should stop now. It’s time to wake up. It’s time to define our own destiny.

For better or worst, we need to stop letting other country to decide what’s good for us! We should know what we need and we need to plan necessary steps to reach our goals.

It will take us many years to reach. But we need to start now!

We can do this for our children. We need to start from each individual. If each individual could make himself or herself grow, I am sure the country will grow.

Don’t tell me you want to save your country! Save yourself first! Make sure you know yourself and know what you want to be.

I don’t think Cambodia needs those high buildings, nice cars, smartphones or any best politic system to change the county.

I believe Cambodia needs an efficient self-development system to put in place.

We need to provide education to each individual. We need to pay more attention to our children. Educate them and help them to find their passion. Ask them what they want to become and provide them necessary supports.

Today, if you go out and ask any person down the street “what you want the most in your life?”

I am not sure if everyone could answer it.

Maybe the most commune answer you would get is “I want money”.

I accept that we need money to fulfill our need in life. We need to have it enough. But I won’t agree if you think money is all you need.

There are other things. I believe what we need the most in life is happiness. The happiness of our own and the happiness of the people we love.

And the truth is money doesn’t equal to happiness. There are a lot of beautiful things around us but we always look for something else.

Take some of your time look at things around you!

Once a good self-development is taking place, each individual will know their passion and when they do things they love, I am sure they will do great. The outcome would be double or triple of what we can get from them today.

What it’s missing right now is the achievement from each individual. We not yet have chance to do our best because we lake of self-development.

And since we don’t know what our passion is, it will be difficult to choose which school or university we should attend.

Many of young Cambodians finish by going to multiple schools, decided by others.

That’s not the right education. We don’t need that much and we could not learn that much either.

That’s why I repeat it again here that self-development is important for Cambodia to grow.

Have you ever asked yourself what you want to be?

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Santel is a well-known blogger in Cambodia. He started this blog in early 2008 to share useful information about his country. He wrote short fictions and self-published on Amazon Kindle. Click to check out what he wrote!

15 thoughts on “Why Self-Development Is So Important For Cambodia To Grow?

  1. A great article. Thank you.
    Self development and career development are crucial in anyone’s life. Young Cambodians need to learn plannings and preparing themselves for the field of their endeavors.

    1. Yes, I think it should be an important part of everyone to spend time and knowing what we want to be and make a life’s plan.

      I didn’t have one when I was young. I will make sure my kid has his own life’s plan.

  2. I love happiness too! Money could by house but not home,money could buy clock but not time, money can buy sex but not happiness, money could buy blood but not life…

    1. Thank Rodwell, I know what you mean 🙂 I just have more time these days. The sleeping schedule of my son is more regular, I have more time to write.

      Hope to get more comments back as well!

  3. thanks to you for sharing this post. I agree with you.
    But the purpose of human nature is to always look for THE thing you want in your life. But once you have it in your possession, your body and mind looks immediatly for another dream to chase. Actually, the real feeling of possessing everything that would make your life the best doesn’t last very long.
    Unfortunatly, Humans have this insatiable state of mind to envy more something he doesn’t have than everything he already has… a really shame but that is what humans are made of…
    Anyway, thank you for sharing your post!

    1. Thank Turf for your comment.

      I understand what you mean. I think it’s a challenge to everyone of us. Some people say we always want what we don’t have.

      I think at the end everyone look for the same goal in life. We look for happiness. It’s good if we can adapt to the changes.

      If we know where we could find happiness and go for it. I think our life is meaningful.

  4. I agree that students in Cambodia are now having trouble choosing the right subject that fits them and their natural skill. Infact, high school students should know lots of things about the subjects to continue and what will they become with that subjects.

    1. That what I see is missing in our university.

      We should invite professional people who have specifics careers to make presentation to student. They should have ideas what an accountant do, what an IT technician do, what a marketing manager do, etc …

      Then they can decide if they like that kind of job, or even dream to be … from there they could make a right decision.

  5. Fully support your idea in this article of yours. However, I believe it’s nearly impossible to enable a person to enrich his or her own self-development or passion toward s.th in this society of ours. Khmer people tend to be selfish and conservative. Admit it! Even you, want your own children to follow any paths that are beneficial for their future and happiness, and this means you are blocking their own desire and passion already. Moreover, the foundation of our educational system is corrupted. Most high school graduate don’t really know what they have acquired at all. Cultural and traditional belief also play a major part in this issue too.

    1. Hi Puthea,

      Thank you for your support and comment. I fully understand what you mean. But I think we need to look at the positive way and make the best of what we can do to improve our own life, our family and our society.

      If we are willing to change, we can change.

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