The world is so blind

I am not a politician. I am like any other Cambodian people, we like peace. We don’t want to make any war against anybody, especially our neighbors. That was our own mistake that have made lost a lot of lands. This is the history. We need to accept what happened and learned from it.

After years of war, Cambodia found its stable both on politic and economy.

Anybody will ask the same question, why Cambodia want to make war with Thailand? Even before this, who started to send troops to border and made up everything?

We need to come out of the box. We need to isolate ourselves from Thais medias. Don’t let them fool you around. Thailand has power in medias and weapons. They smiled and talked anything they want. People will listen to them. They are good in acting. Hollywood should make a film about them.

REUTERS PICTURES. Cambodia's Defense Ministry spokesman Chhum Socheat (R) and Cambodia's government spokesman Phay Siphan address the media during a news conference at the Council of Ministers in Phnom Penh April 22, 2011.

Cambodian government position is remain the same: we will protect our territory and don’t let anyone invade our country. This is a very clear statement made by our PM. We are not good in distract people from the reality. If you invade, we fire. This is the simple logic, moreover it is a natural reaction.

Cambodia has no intention or provoke any war with Thailand. We need time to rebuild the country, we have enough bad memory with war. There’s no reason for a country to make war with another country that has stronger economy of 26 times than its own. The Cambodian army spent $191 million in 2009, compared with $4.9 billion for the military in Thailand, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (source).

Thailand keep repeating Cambodia started the fire first. They are protecting their territory. These are the series photos of a Thai’s base that they are using to fire into Cambodia territory. Do you feel any protecting gesture? The journalist also confirmed there’s no sign of fire back from Cambodia.

And check out the result from this video, Thais’ rackets bombed on Cambodian villages and make thousands of people homeless.

They also mentioned the 3 F16 jets flying around the fighting area is on training. If you believe what they said, the world is so blind. UN is blind, USA is blind. How can you ask Cambodia to restraint when Thailand is invading their country. Asean can’t do anything. They can’t make Thailand accept the observers. But we are grateful for the efforts of the Indonesia FM.

The war still continue as long as Thailand has two colors: yellow and red. They will continue to use border issue to save their political crisis. On the other hand, their nonsense behaviors will give bad image of Thailand to the world.

I believed a lot of Cambodian people feel very upset with Thais. We are neighbors for a thousand years. It is sad to see this thing happen. I hope the world will see the reality and react in the right way to finish this war.

Let’s share your opinion about this matter and help to share information from Cambodian sides, so that the world can see from both sides. You can follow me at twitter for more update on the issue.

Thanks to The Phnom Penh Post for featuring my tweet.

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  1. Chiristian Bowe says

    While I agree with many of your points, some I strongly beg to differ with. You have a very Khmer attitude towards this situation, in the way that you only want to blame Thailand for everything. Perhaps you should look at Cambodias actions too even though I agree that Thailand is doing a lot of provoking for political purposes. Cambodia also has an election coming up in 2013 and have you ever thought that Hun Sen doesn’t mind the border war? What are a few deaths to him as long as it keeps Khmers both occupied and politically & militarily by his side? Cambodians always get so upset about the events on the border but why don’t you guys get upset about what your own government is doing to your people? The UN is not blind, this issue just doesn’t compare so well with everything else that’s occurring in the world right now(Bahrain, Libya, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Yemen for examples). The USA is not blind either but unfortunately for the world, our economy is struggling, meaning we can’t afford to act on every human rights/political crisis. Why did you only mention the USA by the way? Why are we the only country ever mentioned when people want help? Ask China, Russia, Germany,etc. Start asking other “powerful” countries for help because it’s become obvious that we simply can’t afford to be the “world police”. Not many countries feel emotionally attached to this issue because it’s more of an attempt to acquire nationalism in both Cambodia and Thailand that unfortunately comes at the expense of those who struggle enough day to day, the poor living on the border. Perhaps you should “think outside of the box” as you say. Your president has started a war against your own people for profit(250,000 facing forced evictions to date) and no-one wants to seem to neither notice or admit that. Is it any coincidence that the same day your military police was hitting 71 year old women in the face with electric batons and detaining 11 year old children that this border war suddenly started again? The place where the most educated people live in Cambodia(Phnom Penh), Hun Sen & the CPP lose terribly in elections because more people see the bigger picture. 1/3 of your country is owned by companies from other countries with 7.5% of the country being owned by 1 CPP senator. You were right with a few points though, Cambodias economy is improving BUT at the expense of your country. A select group of people are getting very rich while a large portion of the country continues to be poor. Your attempt to be comical came back to smack you in the face even though your too “blind” to see it because there is a Hollywood movie being made(The Cause of Progress)which exposes the “war” your government has committed against the poor for the “development” of this country. With a Khmer that has as many readers as you do, you have a lot of potential to make a difference about what’s happening inside this country.

    • says

      Thank Chiristian for your good comments. I know there are many people coming around my blog and gone without leaving anything.

      It is good to have you this time.

      I don’t want to be rude but it is not necessary for me to tell about my position toward my government. As Cambodian old man said “Don’t bring fire from outside, Don’t let outside know our internal affair”.

      I understand some of your comments. Cambodia need more time to produce human resources and to make each individual understand that Cambodia belongs to all of us, not only to the politicians or to a small group of people. If everyone understand their role and duty to move Cambodia forward, we will move more faster.

      The right time will come when each individual starts to ask question to what is happening and try to understand why. The understanding will let us know how to react to the situation.

      I know you are not Cambodia. I really thank to what you have in your mind, I hope this could release you a bit of your thinking. Thank for sharing it here.

      Cambodian government always wants to finish this war. We ask for third party and observers. There’s no improvement or progress on the bilateral talks. We have done many meetings, we lost 3 years already.

      What make Thailand Government so embarrassed to have a third party as the witness of what we discuss during the meeting? Can anyone make it understandable here?

  2. NaChar says

    Thailand is now running by an army general Prayuth. He dictates everything that will reduce his domestic political pressure. PM Abhisit is just a clown in Prayuth’s war theatre. Everyone in Thailand is afraid of him because he is a Hitler-reincarnated human creature with hatred and meaness.

  3. Sopheap says

    I think these clashes happens because there is a political interest for both governments. If you ask a cambodian or a thai people, he/she will say that he/she supports this war because it is for territory and sovereignty of the nation. The patriotism and fanaticism are still very strong in our society and this can be exploited in politic. It is strange to see that a big country like Thailand with big intellectual and elite class, there is no one group come out and shout STOP, this war is useless, we need to flight for more urgent things: poverty, religion division, drug …
    At Cambodian side, the natural reaction is to protect the territory but why by military mean?
    The poverty, the social injustice, corruption, diseases are the more critical issues to flight in our society and I will be very happy to see that we flight for that causes like we flight for the 4.6 square km land.

    • says

      I totally agree by not solving this problem using army force.
      The international justice is the best solution. And while waiting for the judgment, Cambodia should close all border checkpoints with Thailand…and suspend most Thai investment in our country…this could urge Thai to propose a quick negotiation with Cambodia…Cambodia gets interest very little from Thailand…compare with Thailand…And of course it’s just a temporary…

  4. says

    Well, I just feel so fed up to talk about this problem. But it is concerning my beloved country, Cambodia, so I just want to express some of my ideas toward this issue. I am not really understand much about politics. However, I would say Thailand is completely the one who do wrong and yes wrong to Cambodia. We are innocent. They are the one who start the fighting. Yes, you are right Mr.Santel, the world is so blind to us. That because those countries especially the US think Cambodia is a just a small country in the world. And maybe they think the problem between our Cambodia and Thailand not important and maybe not important to them to think or solve it for us.

    Like Mr. Chiristian Bowe said this controversial might not be compare to Bahrain, Libya, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Yemen. In contrast, I feel very sad about some of your comment that talked badly about Cambodia. You said PM Hun Sen try to solve this problem because the election is nearly coming up. If he doesn’t try to compromise it, who will do it? Who is stronger than him? I am not tried to promote him or anything. But I think no one is smarter or stronger like this leader in this Cambodia. Imagine without him, how would Cambodia end up?

    Moreover, it is hard to seek helps from other countries beside The UN or The US. You are correct Mr. Chiristian Bowe that we can run to Germany, China, Russia,….. But what do they reply to Cambodia? All they tell us is just try to stand for it or you two just talk with each other, find a good solution, and other the same and the same statements. If they still continue to tell Cambodia like this, we will not be able to get rid of this serious business with Thailand. The one who suffer is both countries, Cambodia and Thailand. There is no fun to play in this game at all. So I would suggest Thailand to reconsider on this dispute. Please end it soon, innocent people, children, uncles, aunties, and soldiers, will die because of your stupid acts.

    And the last thing I want to say is that, “if we want peace, maybe we have to pray for Red-Shirt to win the election in Thailand”. This is the comment from my friend. Do some of you here agree on what she said?

    • Christian says

      My comment was full of facts that people need to realize. This country has come a very long way but still has a long way to go. Exactly, who is stronger then him? His administration does their fair share of intimidating to any of those who pose as a threat to him. You don’t know how this country would run without him and it’s obvious that people are afraid to make a change for better or worse hence why he’s one of the longest running prime ministers in South East Asia. Being an American who’s working in Cambodia, I see both sides to this story. The sad reality is, your government is making it increasingly hard for countries that you seek help from like the US and that’s why USAID is contemplating freezing aid to Cambodia. Why be critical of the country that wants to help but can’t afford to when you should be critical of the countries who have money and power to help but won’t? People are always so harsh in regards to American international intervention policy when other countries that are definitely capable of doing something sit with their hands in their pockets. Another sad reality that’s becoming more noticeable, is that the US won’t send help militarily if we can’t get financial benefit out of it in the long run. I wish our government had the humanity the world thinks it has but unfortunately doesn’t hence why atrocities like Darfur, Rwanda, Ivory Coast, East Timor and the Congo occur. Perhaps the Khmer youth can start to fight for the improvements they want and deserve rather then be silent and continue to criticize the outsiders so frequently.

  5. AJ says

    I am Thai in the midst of yellow and red shirt. However, I think that your poeple and troopห are victims of your own leader. Hunsen is crook beyond you people to catch but and one day Karma will.

    • says

      AJ, you should tell your PM to keep his words and understand what he is saying. This is something Thais people should do. I thank for your comment, I like the position and politic that Cambodian PM have done for the border issue.

      Tell your army, be a soldier! don’t use sniper in a war like this. Don’t change the word like girls change their cloths. We are so tired to follow.

      In this clip, we will heard Thai army chief declare war and be ready to invade Cambodia. Let check out the middle of the clip, how he changed his position after few days of failure in invading Cambodia.

      The main cause of the failure was because this is our home, we have military bases and ready to protect our territory.

  6. Tha says

    The main reasons behind this war:
    1. Thailand doesn’t respect the verdict of International Court of Justice.
    2. Wrong education about history in Thailand (Please look at Wikipedia!! Thai people)
    3. Thailand looks down on Cambodia
    4. Thailand is in reality ruled by Military.

    >Cambodia also has an election coming up in 2013 and have you ever thought that Hun Sen doesn’t mind the border war?

    I don’t agree with you. Current government is focusing on economic development. He can get enough popularity to win the election without this war.

    Santel, you are right. USA is blind. And I don’t think USA will help us, but Thailand. They want to balance its present in Asia by helping Thailand. Now, I hate the word “utmost restraint”. World is saying that. World (UN, ASEAN, etc) should act something before people died, should say who is wrong or right, should help each other. People are dying.

    When there is peace and economic development, border means just on the paper. People can live and enjoy anywhere. Why should we kill eather other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I personally support the cooperation between Cambodia and Vietnam. I think economics can help people live together. Why we can not do that with Thailand???

    • says

      Thank Tha for your comments. I think people feel the same way. I don’t think they really care about 4.6 squares, the real problem is Thais Gov want to start this war to save their internal politic crisis, especially to make the Yellows vote for them.

  7. Tola says

    i don’t see why we blame US in this issue. any evidence that US support Thailand? that China, Russia, Cambodia? pls don’t mix Preah Vihear issue with cold war, human rights, land grabbing, corruption… For eastern part (Kh-VN border), I don’t know. However, Cambodia has clear legal and historical evidences for Preah Vihear. So why should not focus on legal fight at ICJ since start? why lose time with bilateral talks or bother the hyperpowers. They have their own problems and also have little interest in solving our problems. I support the latest move by Cambodia at ICJ. we should never negotiate with robbers in our own house. or we fight them, or we call the police/court. simple.


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