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What Does Cambodia Really Need?

What Does Cambodia Really Need?

A Martial Artist has to take responsibility for himself and accept the consequences of his own doing. – Bruce Lee

When I started to ask this question on my social profiles, some friends said it’s a big question.

Too big to answer.

However, some friends are kind and help to provide their answers as much as they can. Thank you for spending your time to reply to my question. I know we are all busy but it is important to share our thought on the matter.

Here are the answers I received so far:

  • Solidarity
  • A good honest government
  • Good education system
  • Fair and sustainable development
  • Learning to love oneself & each other
  • No cheating or corruption
  • Human right and environment control
  • A new leader
  • Understand each others

I totally agree with all the answers. There are a lot of areas that we need to improve. And I am happy to see most of the people have the same feeling as mine.

I asked myself this question because I wanted to look at the roof of the problem. I wanted to go far and then came back. I wanted to find out what is the real issue in our society.

First of all, I am nobody. I am not good at politic. That’s why I went to engineering school. But there’s a voice in my head. It refuses to disappear.

I saw an accident on the other day. It was not a very serious case. The most serious was that the two parties didn’t talk to each other. They phoned to ask for help.

We are Cambodian. We speak the same language. Why we are not be able to understand each other?

This is just an example.

If we look at our history in the past, we will find similar cases. We fight with each other then ask for help from the outsiders.

We can’t be strong if internally we can’t understand each other. We can’t compete with others, if we don’t know how to take care our own people.

I watched The Trials of Henry Kissinger. Watch the film if you not yet watch it. It will allow you to understand a lot of things that happened in our country in 60s and 70s. He’s the guy who is behind the bombing in Cambodia. Until today, the guy is still free and untouchable.

Now you can see this is America. They judge any other countries of human right, but I think they will never apply this policy to their own people.

This is also just an example.

We should learn to accept the reality. If we have done something wrong, accept it! Don’t try to fake the history just to make ourselves look good.

We should learn to recognize other people’s works. When they do great things, applause them and encourage them to continue.

Heroes are not born. They are created.

You might have different ideas but to me I think the most important thing that Cambodians need today is to understand each others.

About Author:

Santel is a well-known blogger in Cambodia. He started this blog in early 2008 to share useful information about his country. He wrote short fictions and self-published on Amazon Kindle. Click to check out what he wrote!

8 thoughts on “What Does Cambodia Really Need?

  1. Cambodia need “Love” the most may be. We need to :

    – love ourselves : so we have to act good and gain skill, knowledge. A developed country need this kind of people.
    – Love each other: we need to love each other. This lead to the happiness, we have to learn to forgive, discuss as well as helping each other in need. Learn to give and share.
    – We need to love our country: so “no” to anything that can harm our country. No corruption, no violence, no bullying to poor people and many more. The government need to try their best to develop the country, all together we can do it.

    I remember my mom once says “We Cambodian lost a lot of love after the Pol Pot regime” , after she hear too much “violence” news on the media.

    Start from everyone of us. We need to change, if something still useless, keep changing! Change for what that can give “LOVE” to this country again.

    1. Cambodia need the right person working on the right place. We have enough natural resource, but we can’t control it or taking the most benifit from it. Our people go abroad to work so we loss human resource. Some student graduated from university can’t work within their skills while some can work higher position because of they have their relative help them. 🙁

    1. Correct, the photo is from the film In The Mood For Love. I’s a film that I went to watch it many times and each time I understand more things.

      That’s the concept of trying to understanding things. That’s why I choose this photo.

  2. Just attracted my attention on you clause about America. USA has no policies to extradite any of its citizen, leave alone it’s politicians, to face court in any foreign soil.

    Richard Nixon was caught in the shameful act – the Watergate Affiars. There were ultimatum for him to step down as president and he chosen so to avoid impeachment Anne the case was closed, he then a free man. Human rights wise, USA is yet come clean on own record but USA prefers to tell the world that everyone shall respect Human Rights charter. Personally, Richard Nixon administration had no rights or mandate to turn Cambodia up side down in the 70’s and this is a crime against humanity.

    1. Thank you for your clarification. I don’t want to see Cambodia become a victim of any other country’s politics.

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