Facebook Privacy – How Much Do You Know?

Everybody is using Facebook but in different level and engagement.

Some users already understand about Facebook privacy and have setting a good number of strict rules to organize what they share via their Facebook profile or page.

But some users didn’t know if there’s a Privacy setting or maybe they don’t care.

Even we have changed our Facebook privacy, there’s no way to guaranty that we have that privacy maintained in all circumstances.

We can make it straight away like this: There’s no privacy on the internet.

Mari Smith, a well-known social media speaker and author, has mentioned clearly in her book: The New Relationship Marketing that:

Keep in mind that every single word you post on your social media profile, one day it could be appeared on the big signboard.

So whatever the privacy setting you have made, you have to be careful in what you are sharing on your social media profile.

Today I read again a new article from Cnet claim that If your account is subpoenaed, Facebook sends police, well, everything.

Chris Matyszczyk explained and provided proves of documents that Facebook has sent to police department to follow the case of Philip Markoff, a killer who was charged with the armed robbery and murder in Boston.

There’s no exact record of how many cases or how many profiles that Facebook has sent but it could give us enough attention to react and think twice before we share anything on Facebook or any other social medias.

To make your life easy, share only what you think it’s for public or it will not have any effect on you even one day it will appear in the Tv or any public signboard.

You will be safe! Now you can enjoy back your Facebook wall.

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