Khmer News – Android Application

Follow my previous post Where To Find The Best Of Cambodia News, I developed a small Android application called Khmer News. This application will go and look for latest Khmer News from independent sources such as: The Cambodia Daily, VOA, RFA and RFI. By default it will refresh every hour. It won’t take long or […]

Khmer Unicode Installer for Rooted Android Phone

I was looking for an easy and safe way to install Khmer Unicode on Android Phone. The post is ranked on #1 on Google search result. I am so happy that I could explain and provide such a temporary solution. I know how bad we need Khmer Unicode on Android phone, especially on Samsung. Unfortunately […]

How To Store Your Files Online For Free

As we made a deal together that we will extend more topics on KhmerBird, I like to share with you on quick guidelines on how you can store your files online for free, without costing you anything. Why You Need Online Storage? The hard disk of your computer or laptop might be damage one day. […]