5 Tips To Get Your Website Approved By Google Adsense

How to get a Google Adsense account is the most commune question I received. I will try to share my experiences about Google Adsense and explain what type of website you should create or build in order to get approval from Google Adsense. Some people applied for so many times but they didn’t get approval. […]

Making Money Online – Income Report for November 2013

I started sharing my online income report since September 2013 on my new blog santelphin.com. I noticed that KhmerBird readers also interested in the report and want to know more about making money online. I changed a bit of my strategy for 2014 as I wrote in previous post How I Plan To Manage Myself […]

Monthly Report For June 2013

Since last month, I started to share my monthly report about my activities related to blogging and how much I earn from making money online. There’s nothing of secret in fact. The most important thing is to take actions. Don’t waste your time in consuming the medias and tell me you don’t have time. I […]

Why Your Business Needs Blogging, Social Media and Internet Marketing

It is very clear to me that every business should have a blog, interact with their customers via social medias and spend some money and resources in internet marketing. Sound like this is the first time you heard someone says shit like this? I will tell you why! 1. Why Your Business Should Have a […]

Reason of Updating the New Look

I was thinking of making a change after I receive an email from Google Adsense. They sent the optimization tips and they believe KhmerBird blog could earn more from Adsense. In their mail they stated there are a lot of missed opportunities for Adsense to show up compared to the number of Pageviews. This mean […]