Good Places To Eat Cambodian Street Food that Save You a Lot Of Money

Here is the secret way to eat Cambodian street food that saves you money. I am a local Cambodian people but I was not familiar with street food. Until I got married and my wife asked me to bring her to markets. She was pregnant, otherwise I would suggest her to go alone Then I […]

Will Transport Systems in Cambodia be ready for incoming Tourists?

While international visitors keep rising, only 32 tourist transport companies registered to the Cambodia’s Ministry of Tourism, and leave many others remained unregistered operations, according to the Tourism Ministry’s report obtained on September 15. Those licensed tourist transports are 16 surface transport firms and 8 waterway transport firms from Phnom Penh, 1 surface transport firm […]

Tep Rindaro Is Now Popular On Facebook

There’s no kidding. I watched his films since I was 15. Tep Rindaro is one of the well-known and famous actor in Cambodia. He walked in into Cambodian cinema industry since 80s. He never learn or study in acting class. He was en engineer who finished his study in Russian on repairing aircraft’s engine. He […]

Angelina Jolie’s Journey to Cambodia For Louis Vuitton [Video]

Few days ago, we have seen Photo From Siem Reap: Angelina Jolie For Louis Vuitton. This is the 36s video of Angelina Jolie’s Journey to Cambodia For Louis Vuitton. I don’t need to make much comment but I bet you will like this video. We really appreciate her kinds and relationship that she keep with […]

Cambodia Photos May 2011

This is one of the monthly posts of Photos taken by professional and non-professional photographers that have visited Cambodia last month. If you find any good photo and want to make it appear here, please send me an email via Contact Page. I hope you will enjoy these Cambodia Photos May 2011. Siem Reap Cambodia […]