Great Places To Visit In Cambodia

This is the first edition of the post that we want to provide information on great places to visit in Cambodia. We will keep update this post as soon as we have time to do research and write about others places. Cambodia is one of the oldest culture in South East Asia. Because of the splendid culture, our ancestors … [Read more...]

KhmerBird Sunday Edition

I am back starting from today to do a weekly review on what's happening in Cambodia and collect all important Cambodia news during the week. I once called it KhmerBird Sunday Edition. I will continue to call it the same. The main difference is that I can now manage my time to write it. I am writing it at 5:30 Am. I … [Read more...]

Good Places To Eat Cambodian Street Food that Save You a Lot Of Money

Here is the secret way to eat Cambodian street food that saves you money. I am a local Cambodian people but I was not familiar with street food. Until I got married and my wife asked me to bring her to markets. She was pregnant, otherwise I would suggest her to go alone :-) Then I started to eat some food. My … [Read more...]

Angkor Quest: 24 Hours in Cambodia [Kindle Edition]

I found the book is quite unique and useful for those who have a short time in Siem Reap for just one day. What can you do? Where can you go? Angkor Quest: 24 Hours in Cambodia is a 25 pages (you will not have time to read more than this!) guides that will help you to spend a good last day in Siem Reap. It's a … [Read more...]

Will Transport Systems in Cambodia be ready for incoming Tourists?

While international visitors keep rising, only 32 tourist transport companies registered to the Cambodia’s Ministry of Tourism, and leave many others remained unregistered operations, according to the Tourism Ministry’s report obtained on September 15. Those licensed tourist transports are 16 surface transport firms … [Read more...]