Living in Cambodia on Less Than $500 a Month

Source: shelteroffshore Other than Pol Pot, the spectacular ruins of Angkor Wot and, according to the Cambodians, Muay Thai style kick boxing, Cambodia doesn’t really hit the map for an awful lot of things - and let’s face it, in the case of Pol Pot maybe some things are certainly best forgotten. But it is cheap – … [Read more...]

Cambodia on my mind

Source: travelpod Arriving by fast boat/bus in PP around 3pm, I set out to find a guesthouse and a SIM card so I can get connected in Cambodia. The border crossing was not as easy as described in the LP. At the Vietnamese border, we and our luggage had to leave the boat and get our luggage x-rayed. Then we went back … [Read more...]

Day 5 – Nha Trang Boat Trip

i don't know what make her so sad... but the picture came out so beautiful ;-)anyway on the day 5 we joined a boat trip, a ticket was about 11 USD, included lunch so that we don't have to worry much,... we thought oh maybe the day would be sad and beautiful like her face, but you will see what happened on that day, you … [Read more...]

Day 3 – Explore the Dalat City

On the third day we heard people talking our language. Of course, they are Cambodian. There are some tours from Cambodia to Dalat during the Khmer New Year. We found a nice restaurant where the owner speak very well English. We have dinner amount other Cambodian tours. We met some people we know, and someone have … [Read more...]

Day 2 – From Ho Chi Minh to Dalat

the road was big but the car moved slow. All sign is limited only between 40 to 70 Km/h. We spent almost 7 hours in the car for just 300 kms. We started to know Pho and Cafe Da ! and at night, anywhere we always the last costumers of the restaurant ! sat next to me is the driver, he is a very good driver and he … [Read more...]

Day 1 – Phnom Penh to Ho Chi Minh

a tour without guide into a foreign country where no one speak English. It was very difficult to communicate... everyone contributed their gestures skill to get something to eat, to find a place to sleep. We left Phnom Penh around 6 am by a Mercedes Benz of 12 seats. Arrived at Bavet border around 10 am. The … [Read more...]