We Look To Encourage Comments From Facebook

We have more and more traffic from Facebook, more than 500 visits per day, just from this social media. I saw many blog now offer Facebook Comment Box. The box will recognize the Facebook users, allow them to comment directly without fill in any information. They can push the comment back to their wall if they wish … [Read more...]

KhmerHacker – New Blog About Technology

First of all, I am happy with this first blog KhmerBird. There are more than 500 unique visitors per day and the blog generates more than 25, 000 Pageviews per month. Thank to all the visitors, especially to those friends that usually give comments and send me feedbacks via contact page. I really appreciate your time … [Read more...]

Readership is our target for this year

Photo: readership, new york, 2007 The readership have been improved since January 2011. We have around 500 visitors per days, more than 1 000 daily pagesview. We make a good step from 1K unique visitors per month to 5K for whole January. This is the record taken from compete.com Most of our contents have been shared … [Read more...]

Flying From Cambodia To The World Wide Web

During this weekend, I have gave myself a thought. Will I stick to post only about Cambodia or can I increase the topics to have more space to post. Sometime it is not an easy decision due to the time constraint. But I finally decided to change the tag lines, and behind these tag lines you might know more topics … [Read more...]

How Many Facebook Users in Cambodia

I have written a short tutorial about How To Create A Facebook Page To Promote Your Business, You might ask me back why do I need to have A Facebook Page? I also tried to cover this topic on another post that you can find here Why Do We Need Social Media For Business Then you might have another question, How many … [Read more...]

How To Create A Facebook Page To Promote Your Business

As I promised to many friends of mine, in this post I will explain how can I create a page on Facebook Cambodia #1 Sources If you not yet have any idea how Social Media could help to promote your business, I have wrote a post about How Social Media Can Play As Free Online Advertising. You can go ahead, understand … [Read more...]