How To Start Your Own Blog

This post is for those who want to start your own blog but don’t know how or where to start. It’s quite simple. You can start your own blog right now without paying any money. It’s possible. I will start from the free option first, then we will go more details about having your own domain name and hosting … [Read more...]

KhmerBird need more writers for original contents

As you know that KhmerBird vision is to help promoting Cambodia via blog and social media. This blog started to earned little by little and we need more writers from Cambodia to write original contents about Cambodia. The monthly revenue can support two or three writers, where one content can start from minimum 1 USD … [Read more...]

Finally! Excerpt Of Articles Related Cambodia Was Pulled Out

I completed the work of this weekend. It was working perfectly. Now the short description or we can call it as an excerpt of articles related to Cambodia will be automatically pulled out and published on the main page of KhmerBird blog. It work like a charm and thank to this fabulous Wordpres plugin Feedwordpress. I … [Read more...]

Enjoy The 5 Top Stories Related To Cambodia

Sometime there are too much information. We lost our time in finding the good sources related to a topic. My goal to create this blog is to keep update people about the information related to Cambodia. I don't want them to know only about genocide, Pol Pot, Khmer Rouge. You would probably get used to those terms when … [Read more...]

should khmerbird switch to new theme

how do you find about the current layout of my blog is it difficult to read or to find what you want to read? are you losing while arriving here? do we need to do something with the layout, for example, changing to the simple classic blog form? or you don't even understand what i am talking about ? LOL … [Read more...]

Project Free Blogs for Cambodian

followed my last post about 3 things to do before you start a blog khmerbird will provide free blogs to the Cambodian people who live in Cambodia. Purpose i first start using internet many years ago just to flirt girls and looking for dirty photos LOL it's true for everybody i guess :-) now internet to me is a way we … [Read more...]