Angkor Car, the First Car Made in Cambodia is Officially Launched

Angkor Car is made in Cambodia

Photo by TANG CHHIN SOTHY/AFP/Getty Images

I have been covered the story of Angkor Car since 2009. It’s a pleasure to see the production finally launched the first model.

It’s an electrical car. It’s nice to think of the green environment. I am proud for this first car that made entirely in Cambodia by Cambodian people.

A big bravo to Mr. Nhean Phaloek, the creator of Angkor Car. Even you are not famous like Steve Jobs but your creative ideas has inspired us a lot.

All my best wish to the production. It will cost less than 10,000$ and you can drive for a maximum distance of 300 kilometers with a maximum speed of 60KM/H.

I believe it’s practical to drive in town but near provinces such as Kep or Sihanoukville. If we plan to go to Siem Reap or any far provinces, we need to think where we could recharge the battery!

Is it cool? Are you going to buy it? Hope you could share your thought on this.

Here is the video where you could see some photos of the car (Source):

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  1. annhoeun says

    In my idea, I think the price is still high if we compare to other car and speed is not fast enough if you plan to province. As mention in Khmerbird where we could recharge the battery. Anyway, I’m proud of him inventor.

  2. cham sabotra says

    first of all,i am very proud that khmer’s people can create the car to present the nation but i want to critic that the concept that u establish this is not for khmer ,especially u use the name is a big mistake for every designer .do u ever study architecture? what is the general knowledge of Architecture? when i see this car at the first time ,i think that u have lot problems about design car?i understand that u want a strange car that make people feel it is wonderful but u dont understand the meaning in creating something that is our nation do.i have alot critics and advice to u but i cant tell u all.

    • says

      Thank you Mr. Sabotra for your comment this. I am happy to see people interact and share their opinion related to what is happening to Cambodia.

      I think you have mentioned some good points here. If I have chance to get more details with the production company. I will ask them about your concern.


      • cham sabotra says

        thanks.i am very happy to give some concept to design sth that u feel like it khmer’s product.nowadays, i see many companies want to make their product to be khmer but they never know the meaning of khmer culture.if all designer know about the meaning n intention ,then they apply to their product,then they will be famous like Mr.Molyvan ,he is a wonder of Architect Khmer.i am Cambodian,and i am also an Architect.i dont want to see our people copy foreign product and concept.i am happy that khmer love Khmer but they don’t know what to do.when i study at Singapore,many architects ,they design sth that to have identity their product like car,computer,food,building plan.etc.. ok! if u have sth to ask me about Architect or design products u can ask.i will help u by all my ability to support our product.

        • says

          I am happy to see you are willing to help to promote Khmer products. That’s my main goal to keep maintaining this blog.

          I am sure we will read more comments from you.


          • says

            His name is Mr. Nhean Phaloek. He’s not a designer or educated in any design school.

            But he created car on his own few years a go. Now the company hire and support his creation by putting all his ideas to build a real car.

            You can follow the links inside my post to learn more about him. I wrote about him few times already.

          • cham sabotra says

            I think this company should have owner designer to provide concept to him not follow him at all ,if this company still do like this ,they will not reach their goal and it can be bad affect to our country because every designer in the world will look down to our country.

  3. khem says

    Dear Friends,

    Due to the partnership issue with the company from Kong Hong, Angkor car is still just a dream.
    the massive production of the car has not started yet.


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