How To Clean Up Your Facebook Wall

Facebook Wall I said one or two years ago in this interview in French that I can’t imagine a world without Facebook. It’s like we look at an empty wall. It would be sad.

It changed rapidly. I started to get many updates on my Facebook wall. Amount them, there are very little posts related to me. Most of them are unwanted. Where are they coming from? Just before the election, I spent some of my time monitor and observe what was happening on my wall.

Why I receive posts from someone I don’t even make friend with?

There are few reasons:

  • Some of them are sponsored posts, meaning people paid money to Facebook to display. It could appear as “Sponsored Post” or “Suggested Post”. I can’t complain about this because I know Facebook make a lot of money out of their advertising. But I agree that nothing is free in this world. I just hope the revenue from advertising will continue to support the platform and improve users’ experience.
  • I have been added to many groups. Each time when someone share a post to the group, it will appear on my wall as well. It annoyed me so often. I need to spend time to go to each group and leave the group. There’s an option when you leave the group, you can decide if this group can add you again or not in the future.

After I clean up my wall, I started to enjoy the experiences I have on my wall. I started to see posts from my friends and people I know. I missed those post a lot before I clean up my wall. Now it’s your turn to decide if you want to receive any posts from people you don’t know or you want to see only relevant posts from your friends.

If you decide to clean up your Facebook wall, log in to your Facebook account and go to this link. Check out group by group and leave the group if you don’t want to receive the updates from them.

I hope this would bring you a new experience of using Facebook.

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  1. Mongkul says

    Thank you. I didn’t realize that I was added to over 50 groups. Now, I feel bored in leaving those group one by one. Facebook should have given me an option which I can leave them all at once.

    • Santel Phin says

      Hi Mongkul,

      I understand how painful it is but I don’t see any other option rather than go one by one.

      Good luck!

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