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I write this post because I just learned from a Facebook friend that he lost all his files because his external hard disk has a problem.

I hope he can recover his data back.

At the same time I want to share some of my practices that I am using right now to save my data. I stop saving any data to flash drive or external hard disk anymore.

You can continue to use it but what happen when you lost it or it doesn’t work anymore?

All my necessary data are saved in the cloud. I don’t pay anything yet. It’s all free for me. Even I am using the basic account or free offer but all my data are safe and available from any of my devices including desktop, laptop, mobile and any computer as soon as I can access to the internet.

Sound great? Do you want the same thing?

Here the cloud services I am using right now:


I started using DropBox a year or two already. I am now having 9GB space to store and used only 3GB of the total space.

I stored some of my important data and photo I took from my mobile phone. It synchronizes automatically each time I take a new photo.

What I like about the Dropbox is that they have 2nd verification. Each time before I can log in to a new device, they send me a verification code to my mobile.

Dropbox offers basic account of 2GB. You can get more space if anyone using your link to register. For example if anyone uses my link to register, I get an additional space of 500MB.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a good place to store all your office files such as Word, Excel or any other files. The free account allows you up to 5GB.

I start to write any new document directly in Google Drive. All the documents are saved in the cloud and easy to access.

There’s another advantage of Google drive is that you can save any document to other people easily. You can set permission to them to read only or can comment and edit etc …

It’s good if you need review or comment on any document.


I am now having 50GB of space on the Box. I don’t use it much yet because I already have enough for my need on the two previous services. If you have many documents and need a big of space to store, you should check Box.


If you are a fan of Microsoft, they also offer SkyDrive, a free account for storage of 5GB.

If you are using Windows 8, I would recommend you check this out.

I hope this post would give you an idea on how you could store your data in the cloud. If you have any other issue related to technology or any topic, drop me a comment.

I would be more than happy to help!

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  1. Charlie says

    Sorry to hear your friend lost his data There are experts who are able to retrieve the data. Use a battery back-up system and labeled flash drives. I save pertinent data on flash drives

    • says

      Yes I also recommend him to find the exact model of hard disk and replace the reader. The memory or blocs in the hard disk might not be dead yet but the reader might be damage.

      I will recommend him another recovery data company I know.

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