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What is the best home internet provider in Cambodia?

It’s hard to answer.

You might just use 3G from your phone provider. I myself also subscribe to limited usage of 2GB for 5$ from Mobitel. The speed is not bad in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and some location in Sihanoukville.

I don’t think they provide 3G everywhere.

You might get your own preference. Maybe you pay cheaper than me.

I also have another connection for home. I get it from Digi which I pay another 12$ per month. I began by using limited usage because I don’t want to waste time with waiting for page loading to finish. I can have 12GB of usage per month for the speed of 3Mbps.

But when we reach the maximum, the speed drops to 512Kbps. It’s hard to deal with it.

I am now changing the plan to unlimited usage with speed of 1.5Mbps. To get that speed I need to pay 5 months in advance. If you stick to monthly bill, you can get 1Mbps of unlimited.

What I like about Digi is that they will provide what we paid for. This is the screen test I made few days ago:

Speed Test

This is something that we rarely receive in Cambodia. Not many business care about customer services. There’s another amazing thing is that their billing department is opened everyday.

I didn’t pay attention if they open on Sunday or not but I am sure they work on Saturday or holidays. You can also make the payment at the few banks such as ACLEDA, ABA and ANZ.

I read that you can even call them to collect money at home if you pay in advance for 5 months. I will try to call them next time.

So far I don’t have any problem with connection. It’s the most reliable connection if compare to my previous internet providers.

They also have package for Business and Pro which I don’t have any experience but heard some of my friends are using for their mart as well.

What is current internet provider? Are you happy with them?

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  1. Meng says

    Is Digi the fastest home internet in Phnom Penh? I have found it economical to just use 3G on all my various devices, but the connection is only okay. I was wondering what company provides the fastest home connection.

    • says

      Digi is one of the best amount others. I tried few suppliers but no one can really maintain the speed. Recently they had few issue but it is not due to connection issue, I think mainly due to their billing system.

      My account was disable often in the morning, I need to call them to activate back and it is not really easy to contact their hotline.

      Anyway, I still recommend it to you.

  2. Rithy says

    Hi Santel!

    Are you still using Digi Internet? Is their connection reliable?
    I am not care much about the high speed as long as it’s stable.
    50KB-100KB/Sec for actual speed is reasonable.
    The most important is the connection issue. Do you have any bad experience in connection cut out as well as slow engineering tasks?

    It’s hard to choose ISP in Cambodia. The reliable ISPs are expensive, and the cheaper ISPs are worse at quality. I can’t seem to find an ISP with quality and reasonable price at all.



    • says

      Hi Rithy,

      So far the only issue I had was my account could not access to internet. They used to have billing issue in the past but now it seems ok.

      I used them for quite a few year and had only one wire cut but it was repair in the next day.

      It’s hard to contact their hotline, it was always busy you need to keep calling but when you can reach them, they will take care of you until your connection is up.

      I still don’t have other ISP to recommend :-)

  3. Houttong says

    Hi Sir,

    I want to comment on Digi service provide on customer, Why the company can arrange staff to register and received money very quickly, but the installment very slow wait till a week to connect? Do you thinks others company do it like this?
    Or you thinks to take money faster it finish for your work and don’t care about the customer mind. Won’t you thinks this is the best way for your Company????


  4. Wong says

    Hi All, through my experience with Digi service is worse since it’s call center to fix Internet problem never ever got through and never ever cared of your complaint. Moreover, the service is cut off very often but the payment deadline is very punctual. Having said those issues, for me enough is enough for such a bad service provider and better get another new provider to relief my pain.

  5. Phill Calilster says

    i have been living in Cambodia like 10 years now, I tried to find a good internet provider, and then i pick DIGI , and yeah it was good like 3-4 month, and then internet getting worse, and the service was not working, one of my friend recommenced me to WICAM. and now here i am using it till today. finally i found of the good one

  6. Sky Man says

    Digi is a totally unreliable internet provider. The service reliability was good for about 1 month but since then has been woeful. I have been to their office 5 times, endured very long wait times to speak to someone (because of all the people waiting with similar problems) only to be told there is nothing wrong with the service. The only thing you can count on with Digi is that the service will work less than 30% of the time you use it, and even then it is slow and unreliable (i.e.) it will work one minute, the next it won’t. Following is a short list of the things you should know before deciding to give your hard earned cash to Digi:

    1. Their customer technical help lines NEVER answer your calls, they are always “busy”. However if you call their sales number to become a Digi customer it always answers within a few seconds.
    2. Their office technical help staff have minimal training and seem to understand very little about actually identifying problems and fixing them.
    3. Forget about basic customer service as well. Their promise to follow up on problems, keep in touch, etc. last only till you walk out the front door and then it’s forgotten.
    4. If there is a problem with the Digi owned and installed equipment and infrastructure, or it’s faulty, forget about getting compensation for the service downtime. It’s company policy that they are not responsible for any problems due to their own equipment – hard to believe but true.
    5. If you ever resort to actually visiting their office to get help be prepared for a very long wait because you can almost guarantee that there will be a lot more people there before you with exactly the same problem.

    This is not a comprehensive list of the problems with Digi. Fortunately for Digi their customers, the Cambodian people, are polite and don’t seem to believe in making complaints or taking action over very bad service. You have been warned. STAY AWAY from Digi and find a another company that believes in providing a reliable service so that what you keep your sanity and get what you paid for.


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