How To Install Khmer Unicode On Android ICS

How To Install Khmer Unicode On Android ICS

After a long waiting time, we now could have something that works correctly to bring Khmer Unicode for any Android device.

It works correctly not only on browsers but inside the system including apps such as Facebook.

But we need to root the phone.

For those who doesn’t want to root the phone, you can view Khmer Unicode on browsers only. This is the guide I write few months ago: How to install Khmer Unicode on Android Phone (without rooting).

If you decide to root your phone, let’s start!

You can follow details instruction how to root Samsung Galaxy S2 via

Go to setting/about phone to check the Kernel version of your phone.

How To Install Khmer Unicode On Android ICS

You just check the 3 letters to verify the correct root Kernel for your phone. My phone is a I9100T series. I upgraded it to ICS 4.0.3 via Kies. My Kernel version is LP3.

1. So I downloaded the file via

2. You will need Odin to root your phone. You can check this link to download Odin.

3. Go to setting, Developer options, check the USB debugging box. I am not sure this is the requirement because I didn’t see they mentioned in Xda Forum. In any case, there’s no harm to enable it. It worked fine for me.

4. Start Odin, Click on PDA button and locate the file CF-Root-SGS2_XW_O2U_LP3-v5.4-CWM5.tar from the upzip file that you have downloaded in step 1. Note: You don’t have to touch any other buttons. Make sure the Re-partition is unchecked.

How To Install Khmer Unicode On Android ICS

5. Put your phone on download mode: Volume down + Power + Home. Connect USB cable to the phone. If you have problem to detect the phoen, you need to install Kies. Normally when you installed Kies, you will see an “Added” in the message box and the ID:COM will turn to yellow. You are good to go!

6. Just click on start button. When the root finish, the phone will restart itself. You can disconnect the USB cable. Check out if you have Two new icons in your application panel: CWM and SuperSU.

How To Install Khmer Unicode On Android ICS

7. Download the Khmer Unicode Package via Cambodia Android Users Group. The package was developed by SH Maxx, a Cambodian in New Zealand. I have followed his works few months ago. I am sure one day he will be able to provide us something. He just upload and make it available today. I really appreciate the work and time he spent on this project. If you download it via computer, make sure you transfer the .zip file to SDCard of your phone.

8. Click on CWM icon, if you click it the first time you need to allow root to grant access to your phone. Click on Reboot into ClockWorkMod recovery.

How To Install Khmer Unicode On Android ICS

9. Once you enter to CWM mode, use the volume up and down + home button to select the option to install zip file. Then locate and execute the zip file you have downloaded.

10. When the installation completed, you need to reboot the phone. Just check back until you see the menu reboot. After reboot, you can check your Facebook application or other Khmer Unicode websites. You should be happy with you phone because it now can display Khmer Unicode.

This is what I can read after the installation of the Khmer Package:

How To Install Khmer Unicode On Android ICS

The developer of the package mentioned it should work on any mobile who is running on Android ICS 4.0+. If you have other model after trying this, please let us know the outcome. But just to mentioned again, we are not responsible to any damage that might happen.

You need to take full responsible for your action and we are happy to assist if you need any help.

Good luck for your installation.

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  1. Pen Rattana says

    គ្រាន់តែ ដំឡើង Rom និងហើយ វានិង support khmer បានពេញលេញមែនទេ ទាំង System ទាំង Browser ទាំង Facebook មែនទេ ???

  2. osify says

    Before the rooting, do you have the same issue as mine: ? No Khmer Unicode font be able to see after upgrade.

    I don’t want to root anything, just hope to solve it without rooting so still with this challenge. Any idea?

    • says

      There are two things:

      1. Facebook has upgrade their application for Android. It display a lot of Khmer Unicode on the menu and it took me sometime to realize I need Khmer Unicode. Without Unicode I have similar situation as you.

      2. Nothing better for Facebook application after or before upgrade to ICS. But the advantage of ICS is that we can view Khmer Unicode websites which used the web font in the web browsers.

      Without rooting the phone, we cannot install the Khmer Patch. You can view via browser if you don’t want to root your phone.

      Let’s wait if LCH Samsung Cambodia can do something for us. I am planning a campaign to Samsung for Khmer Unicode. 

      I will need support from all of you!

      Hope I can answer to your question. 

      By the way, even after install Khmer Patch, we have menu that not rendered well, and music library is not rendered well either. 

      I have send the bugs to the developer, I replied he will look into problem when he got S3 :-)

      I am also seeking for local mobile Apps developer for their help. Hope I can get something from them too.

      You can wait for now! :-)

    • says

      I cannot be sure of it since I am not the developer of the package. But if you can wait a bit, maybe we could have an updated version. 

      I will keep following on this topic. 

    • says

      Hi Hong,

      I don’t have experience with HTC, but what I can tell is that CWM is very popular for Android device. 

      I think you can check with others HTC users via Facebook group. 

  3. Khmer Ornithologist says

    Hi Santel Phin,
    I need your help. My device has the PDA like you showed in the post I9100TDCLP3 and I tried the CF-Root you used in the post but I cannot make it. It said in Odin that [Can’t open serial [COM] port] Why? Can you help me sort this out?

    Thanks in advance.

    • says

      It means your computer don’t have driver for your mobile yet, the best way is to install Samsung Kies via this link: 

      Once installation finish, close the program Kies, then open Odin, I think it should work, 

      If still have problem, I think your com port is busy with others program. You can try to check in device management if something wrong with your com ports.

      Let me know the outcome! 

    • says

      Firstly go to Windows Task Manager and close all Samsung Kiss programmes that may be open.

      Then remove all USB devices from your PC apart from mouse, keyboard, and the USB cable to your phone. If you have a USB hub then remove that too.

      Now plug the USB that’s attached to your phone into a different USB port.
      That should have sorted the problem and the flash then works.

  4. says

    Mine is not working really well, it only render on stock web browser and facebook(also not 100%), other app like Music Player, facebook widget is still not working.

  5. says

    Hi Poly, I think SonyEricsson has the service center down the Monivong boulevard, you can check for exact location. 

    For Khmer Unicode, I would suggest you ask questions to the Android users group. People might give you the correct answer. 

    Here is the link to the group:

  6. s3iLa says

    Please help, I can’t find a kernel support my version. My kernel is 3.0.15-i9100tdclp5-CL709089. Please advice which one can use for root my SG2.

    Thank you,

    • says

      Hi Seila, I read your comment but not sure I can answer your question. I went back to the page and I didn’t see any LP5 kernel available yet. I think you need to wait a bit or you can do the Google search. Good luck!

  7. Sothy says

    Hi, KhmerBird. View is OK but how about writing? It is not work well as it should be. Please give your comment.

  8. viseth says

    hi khmerbirth please help me for install Khmer Unicode on galaxy n7000 firmware 4.0.3 I had flash file SH Maxx but not full font(បាត់ជេីង)

    • says

      Hi Viseth,

      Do you have rendering problem with Applications such as Facebook?

      How many percentage or the problem? is it just the menu or the whole application such as message or status updates?

      It would be nice if you could send a print-screen.

  9. panda says

    Dear Khmerbird,

    I’ve got problem in connecting my Xperia Go to PC using USB cable! (Sony PC companion is already installed). MTP driver always failed to install! Have u ever experienced in solving this issue?Thanks for your answers!

    • says

      I think you need to find out why MTP driver failed to install? check out the usb drive in the device management, if you see any usb ports not used, please remove them.

      I think you are having problem with USB port, not in the hardware level but usb virtual port.

      Let me know if you need more details on how to check. I think you can go to My computer, right click, properties, then select device manager. check the usb

    • says

      Hi Eve, to my knowledge I don’t think they will install Khmer Unicode for you, but you can make a visit to see. Do let us know if they do, I know a lot of people want badly Khmer Unicode on their phone.


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