Khmer Unicode Installer for Rooted Android Phone

I was looking for an easy and safe way to install Khmer Unicode on Android Phone.

The post is ranked on #1 on Google search result. I am so happy that I could explain and provide such a temporary solution. I know how bad we need Khmer Unicode on Android phone, especially on Samsung.

Unfortunately until today, Samsung doesn’t provide any satisfied answer to the demand of the users in Cambodia.

We need to root the phone, then install Khmer package on our own risk!

I keep looking for a better solution to have Khmer Unicode on Android Phone. It should be a plug and play App.

Khmer Unicode Installer for AndroidToday I want to introduce Khmer Unicode Installer, an App developed by Cheng Sokdara.

It is a very popular App right now. It have been downloaded between 10,000 – 50,000 since the last 30 days, got 157 rates from the users.

Cheng Sokdara aka homi3kh is studying Android development by himself. He doesn’t have any coding knowledge at all at the beginning. He started to follow instructions from tutorial and try to make simple app.

As a result, this leads him to be able to make Khmer Unicode Installer possible.

Sokdara said:

I am a very big fan of Android and Google, everything that Google push out I always love it. Moreover, I always like to persuade people to use Android. Sometimes I argue with them too because most of my friends are Apple fan.

After a while, I start to notice that Android users in Cambodia would like to have Khmer Unicode in their Android smartphones, but the procedure is not very user friendly that some has to pay expert just to do that.

This app was written and designed with simplicity in mind and universal accessibility as core concept. What this mean is that, even the newbie user to Android can use that with step by step procedures and this app will support a vast variety of Android devices, like Samsung, HTC, Sony, Sony Ericsson and LG etc.

The only requirement is your device must be rooted.

As Sokdara mentioned the phone need to be rooted to use Khmer Unicode Installer. In my previous method How To Install Khmer Unicode On Android ICS, we installed a custom kernel and I found it is not very stable.

Sokdara guided me how to root phone in a safe way. It won’t install any insecure kernel on your phone. What we need to do is to give permission to root user.

If you want to root your phone, here we go:

How To Root Android Phone in a Safe and Secured way

1. You need to have an external SD card. You can purchase it via Sweet Memory Store and ask them to deliver to your home for free. I purchased a mini SD Card 4GB with a cost of 6$ only.

2. Download ROM Manager, check out careful the brand and model of your phone, then download the correct version and copy it to your external SD Card.

3. Download SU Busybox Installer and copy it to your external SD card.

4. Turn off your phone and press these 3 buttons at the same time: Volum up + Power button + Home Button. Release all the buttons when the screen starts. You are putting your phone in recovery mode.

5. Use volume up/down to select “Apply update from external storage”, then validate it by pressing the power button. Find the file that you copy in the step 2, run it!

6. On CWM recovery screen, select install zip from sdcard, then locate the file that you download in step 3, run it! You will need to confirm if you really want to run the zip file, just select YES! The rooting process will start.

7. After rooting completed, go back to the main recovery menu and select reboot system now.

It’s done. After your phone finishes the start-up, check if you have Superuser icon appears amount the Apps.

You can also verify by installing ROM Manager from Google Play. If you phone is not rooted, it will tell you right away.

It’s good to have ROM Manager installed. You can install any custom ROM via this fabulous application.

Then you can install Khmer Unicode Installer via Google Play.

I still cannot get Khmer Keyboard installed on my Samsung Galaxy S2 yet. I am in contact with Sokdara for make it enable.

Try it out and let us know your comment, Sokdara would be more than happy to help. He said:

In my humble opinion, enable your Android smartphone to be able to read and write Khmer should be easily doable. Consequently, I am glad in making this app because I think I can help to promote our Language and help Android user in Cambodia. Finally, I would like to see more developer start to make great apps for our people in the near future.

I am, personally, very happy to bring this new solution for Khmer Android phone’s users. If you follow this rooting process and want to unroot your phone back to its original, it’s also possible.

You can repeat the same process as rooting, but in stead of running SU Busybox Installer, you need to download SU Uninstaller signed and run it.

Hope this tip would help you to view Khmer on your Android phone. We also like to know if there’s any more easy way to install Khmer Unicode on any Android devices.

Share your tips and help to promote Khmer language on mobile phones!

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