Top 3 Social Media in Cambodia

I have done a research on July 2010 about how many Facebook users in Cambodia. Today I check again the statistic and got a very big surprise. The Facebook users have been growing a lot during these 3 months. This good effect might be caused from the cost of home internet have been decreased. It is more cheaper than before but it is still expensive. Another reason might be because a lot of people started to have fun with the social media.

By looking the data access to each social media from Cambodia, here is the top 3 list:

1. Facebook, we have now more than 145 260 Facebook users from Cambodia which almost haft of them are female. This mean there’s no restriction for Cambodian women to access to social media.

My Facebook page: Cambodia #1 Sources also got more than 900 fan now, if you are not yet become a fan, join today, you can’t be wrong!

2. Angkor One, Angkor one is local Cambodia social network, it provide features almost the same as Facebook. They also got a share link button but I am not yet have time to install the code. How many of you that are the member of Angkor One?

3. Twitter, I am happy to see my twitter account: @khmerbird amount the most Influencers from Cambodia. Follow me if you want to get regularly update news on what is moving, what’s the noise from Cambodia. I didn’t send by mistake those information, but since I have a good system to detect what’s moving in the clouds, I beter share those news with people that are interested.

This blog still ranked as #1 blog on the topic Cambodia from

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    • Santel Phin says

      My favorite one is Facebook because I found many people from Cambodia there, including my friends and family. They all on Facebook.


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