Will Google consider quick payment for Cambodia

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I finally get the cash from my Adsense Cheque with the remain amount of 405.80. I need to pay US$80 for the clearance. It’s worst than my previous cheque which I need to pay only US$40 to clear the cheque. This time Canadia bank staff told me it’s the bank in US that charged another US$40.

I could say anything but next time I will try another bank.

I hope Google will consider quick payment for Cambodian publishers. It took us more than 1 month to get the cheque and another 2 months to get the cash with a lot of fee charges. Many countries can get their payment via Western Union. I do believe one day this quick payment will also available in Cambodia.

Which bank do you use to clear your Google Adsense cheque? and how much do they charge you?

បើ​លោក​អ្នក​ពេញ​ចិត្តអត្ថបទ​នេះ សូម​ជួយ​ចុច LIKE ដើម្បី​ផ្សព្វ​ផ្សាយ​បន្ត!



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    • says

      As I know publisher do not need to pay transaction fee. it is google’s responsibility. If it is available for Cambodia, it is great. I am waiting for Western Union transaction. Hopefully, it will be available in near future.

  1. says

    Congratulation! Actually it takes 2 months to clear Google check in Cambodia. When releasing a paycheck from google adsense, i have to wait for at least 3 weeks to 4 weeks and then clearing check at ACLEDA takes 30days.

    With this high cost, Google should enable quick cash payment for Cambodia and many other adsense publishers are expecting quick cash payment option using WU.

    As Sereyboth said, ACLEDA only charged only $30 with 30 days. I always use their services. Maybe won’t switch to campu with only $5 different :)

    Anyway, again hope Google AdSense team will consider Cambodia as their next WU option soon. cheers!

  2. visal8081 says

    ខ្ញុំគិតថា ការរកប្រាក់តាម Google Adsense គឺលំបាក បើប្រៀបធៀបជាមួយ CPA Network ព្រោះខ្ញុំអាចរចំនូលតាម រយៈ CPA Network (AzoogleAds) ក្នុង១ខែទទួល បាន 300 $ យ៉ាងទាបបំផុត ។ ខ្ញុំគ្រាន់តែមាន Landing Page + Google Adword ប៉ុន្តែត្រូវមាន វិធីសាស្រ្តត្រឹមត្រូវ។

    • says

      I never really tried CPA, but I totally agree that Adsense is difficult to control and optimize.

      I hope you could share some of your experiences, I want to generate more income!

  3. TheAdsenseGame says

    your blog is focus in Cambodia information. for my idea you should use google trends + google adsense to boost traffic. just my idea.

  4. Ablogger says

    Hi bong santel, can you tell me( from ur experience) how long google adSense accept my application? I signed up on 17th and now haven’t got any response. I’m dying to get it pls help me

    • says

      let’s wait until next Monday, if you still not get the approval, fill in the form again. I know few people that have been tried few times until get the good result.

      Good luck to your account.

  5. says

    Hi, khmerbird
    Now, I want to create a blog with hosting domain to earning money from adsense. But I don’t know which hosting is a good one. So, I want to ask you which hosting you are hosting your website.


  6. says

    Hi, Khmerbird again
    Thank for your info about hosting. Before I start earning money with adsense I want to ask you one question: How long time you spend with adsense just reach $5 to $10 a day?


    • says

      For your reference I have this blog before 2008, almost 3 years we could say. The best practice is to write good contents, then you will create traffic. Focus only on one topic where you can benefit from the traffic generate from search engine such as Google or Yahoo.

      People arrive on your webblog because they need some information on specific topic, if your blog focus on insurance in Cambodia, people might interest in click Adsense about insurance, even they know it’s an Ads!

      Good luck!

  7. says

    I don’t have any account with Aceleda bank. Canadia bank didn’t explain me clearly why there was additional charge US$40. I think something wrong with their services.

    I will try Aceleda for the next check. Thank for the information!

  8. says

    Hi Khmer2us,

    It is nice to know that you can earn such big amount of Adsense, this is also prove to new young blogger to start with Adsense.

    hope you will share some of your experience with us.

  9. says

    @ Khmer2us, it is the first time that i heard that Cambodian bloger can make a big money from adsense like that. How many blog do you? I hope that you will share your experience with our cambodias bloggers who are trying to make extra money from it. thanks for your sharing.

  10. Panha says

    Khmer2us and Khmerbird are very succeed in adsense. I dream that one day i’ll receive my first check from google.

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