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Cambodian Traffic Law In Khmer And English Version

Traffic in Phnom Penh by Paul

How do you feel about Traffic in Phnom Penh these days? I am not talking only about Monivong bridge area. I know it is worst due to the high way construction.

But I am talking about one way direction that just started to appear everywhere and it cause more traffic jam than before.

Is it due to the wrong decision of making one way direction or is it due to the people that don’t understand about one way direction?

I gave an example of Russian Boulevard, You cannot turn left or turn right from TV3 until the Chumpochvan pagoda. I saw traffic jam everyday on that road. There are also Phsar Depo traffic lights that have traffic jam everyday after they build one way direction.

Do you feel worst or better about one way direction in Phnom Penh?

I am not sure if it’s really necessary to build one way direction maybe it’s better to build the BUS instead. I like ABC radio spot that announce the need of BUS system in Phnom Penh.

Now talking about Traffic police officers. I saw the way they spot the traffic as the thieves. They hide in the tree and wait if someone passed the traffic light. They kick or hit on the head when some drivers didn’t stop and tried to escape.

How do you feel about The police traffic in Phnom Penh?

Frankly I am happy to see most of the people putting helmet and try to respect the law.

I think now you need to be more be careful on the street. You need to be careful on every corner. They are not the thieves but somehow you will need to pay some money.

You can find below the Cambodian Traffic law in both versions Khmer and English. Take you time to read and understand about Cambodia traffic law. Don’t let those bad polices cheat you the money. I know there are good Polices. But mostly we will catch by the bad police so please be careful down the street.

They have also now the speed gun !

Here are the link to download the Cambodian Traffic Law, right click and save as to download them to your computer.

Cambodian Traffic Law – Khmer Version
Cambodian Traffic Law – English Version

I am not pretty sure if it’s the last version but these are the last updated I have. If you have another new version please alert me in comment. Thank.

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7 thoughts on “Cambodian Traffic Law In Khmer And English Version

  1. Bong! Do u know me? But I know u. u will got baby soon right? congradulation!
    I like this traffic article. According to my experiences on road, 70% of traffic jam cause by people.

  2. I love this traffic law. It is very beautiful law for our Cambodian. But, I won’t see official son respect to the¬†traffic¬†law.¬†I had completed reading traffic law many time, and nowaday I still read it again and again.¬†

  3. Dear;

    hi! My name is Lonh Nget. And I am a khmer student. I thank for ur website coz it is very important for khmer¬† students to do research related to Law. But now I am doing field-world related to traffic law; unfortunately, I have no enough documents. that’s why I want u to help me. Do u mind if u send the figure of traffic accident to lonhnget70@gmail:disqus .com.

    Thanks before!!!

    From Lonh Nget

  4. Very nice and interesting article.

    I read the document but unfortunately the traffic law is only in the paper in Cambodia. It should also be in the memory of the people especially the drivers of whatever kind of vehicle.

    It is very easy to find counterexamples or transgressions to the traffic law everyday and everywhere in Cambodia: 3 to 5 people traveling on a motorcycle and only the driver wears helmet, vehicles with broken lights and/or without reflectors, people driving in opposite direction on the one-way road, drivers not keeping appropriate distance on the road with the vehicle in front, drivers do not respect crossroad signs for the pedestrians, drivers do not know or ignore the regulations on how to drive in a roundabout, vehicles turning left/right without using the respective lights and not checking mirrors, motorcycles without mirrors, vehicles with broken mirrors, traffic lights allowing vehicles from different lanes/directions to move at the same time generating traffic jams and accidents in the intersections, most crossroads and intersections lack of signs (stop, give way, no right/left turn, No entry, etc), children riding motorcycles and even carrying babies just to mention some of the problems (aberrations) that are seeing everyday.

    Perhaps the worst of all is that anyone in this country can drive a motorcycle or other kind of vehicle without applying the respective driving/medical tests. Maybe it is very convenient for the license issuers to get some money instead of safeguard the lives of Cambodian people.
    It seems that everything can be fixed with money in Cambodia.

    Sometimes I see a TV program (CTN channel) where they interview an traffic officer to explain to the public the meaning of traffic signs and how to drive correctly on the road. It is a shame that this kind of programs are not repeated more frequently in different national channels.

    When will the Ministry of Public Works and Transport put hands to work seriously on this NATIONAL problem?

    Nobody in this country should put his/her hands on any vehicle until he/she have passed the respective drive and medical tests successfully (and without paying for them).

    1. Thank for sharing your comment on traffic in Cambodia. I do agree that TV and other medias should play an important roles in educating people about road safety.

      I heard they got a plan to make the bus circled in Phnom Penh but since then we don’t get any update.

      There are 18 deaths during the water festival.

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