Mondulkiri: Unexplored Paradise

Photo: Runway incursion, Mondulkiri Source

Are you a person who likes to travel and take adventures?

If you have not decided yet where to go on your next vocation, Mondulkiri is probably the best destination I would recommend you to take a visit.

I have been there once, and I have found many interesting things to see and enjoy. I think the province is very unique for its geography, weather, culture, and people.

Mondulkiri is located in the very eastern part of Cambodia. The land is a large mountainous area that makes the whole province looks very green.

There are two ways you can arrive there either by plan or bus. However, taking bus is the most common transportation. While I was taking bus on the national road, I could see a lot of forests as a strong wall along roadsides.

There were not many houses on the way, so I suggest you bring your own lunch from your house before you would have dinner in the town.

My first sight to see the beauty of the province was the green pine trees on many hills from my bus views that looked similar to Christmas trees and made me feel like I was in another world.

Photo: A typical Monodlkiri view over the hills near the provincial capital, Sen Monorom. Source

The first touch I have experienced once I stepped on its soil was the cool weather and strong wind. You would feel very much different temperature as you are staying in a snowing country.

I went there during December, and it was about as cool as 16 Celsius Degree at night, so I could only have bath with warm water. It was windy and cold, so you do not forget to bring your own jackets and neck crafts.

Anyway, you can buy new ones in the town which was identically designed by locals.

Photo: Cultural Phnong tribal performance, source

I was amazed by the local people when I noticed they still wore their traditional clothes. The people were very nice and friendly, and I saw warm smile on their faces despite of the low temperature. There were also some minorities who still strictly followed their cultures. However, many tribes have already adopted new culture from majority group.

In addition, there are many natural places you can visit. The best one is Bou Sra Waterfall where everyone wants to see so much.

I went there by travelling further from the town on local road for some distances. While leaving from my motel, I saw many vehicles driving forward to the waterfall.

There were some people going by buses, cars, motorcycles, bikes, and even on foot. When I arrived, I could hear the sound of water drops and smelt the fresh water.

Photo: Bou Sra Waterfall, source

At the waterfall, there were a lot of tourists taking photos, swimming, and having picnic.

Another good place to visit is mountain sea forests. There, you could see the whole view of mountain beyond the sky horizons. It had very strong wind and cold, but you would be able to enjoy the best view of sunset.

In brief, it was a very wonderful trip to visit Mondulkiri because it gave me a memorable experience. By now, I think you are probably able to make up your mind and plan to have a visit there.

If you would like to be the first to experience the real paradise, you should consider Mondulkiri.

When you can go, however, do not forget to bring your cameras!

photo: Having bath with elephants, source

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  1. says

    I could see that you enjoy your trip! compared to 10 years ago, the road to Bou Sra was in a terrible condition. I remember most of the girls who sit in the same truck were crying and pray.

    Anyway it was a good memory! 

    Now I could see that Bou Sra is more easy to access.

    • says

      It is more accessible there nowadays. The national road, as i remember, was just official opened a few weeks ago by PM, and the local road to Bou Sra is under construction but very much easier than before.

  2. Sophak_shuaiying says

    Modulkiri scenery is nothing special than that of Amazon. i like Amazon rain forest better since i used to be once there.

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