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Photos Of Few Beautiful Places In Cambodia

there are many beautiful places to visit in Cambodia, some are hidden in its own nature, some are already explored by the tourists. it’s a bit hard to get a good reference of those places, let’s try to begin bt counting few and we might end up at the end a good list of interesting places that you would recommend.

i found some interesting photos from trazzler.com, a place where traveler post their favorite photos, and it would be interesting for you to see those beautiful photos too. here we are, i will list down exactly from the most of my favorite:

1. Virachey – National Park at Ratanakiri province

i have been to Ratanakiri one time, and it was a very good experience which i could not forget, especially it was the first long trip we never, we was broken as that time and hardly find the way back home but the trip was enjoyable and memorized.

Virachey - National Park
Virachey - National Park

photo by Allison Macsas

Virachey National Park is located in the northeast corner of Cambodia, near the borders with Laos and Vietnam. It is the largest national park in Cambodia, and one of the least accessible. Mountain ranges with no footpaths or villages have both protected the area and prevented biological assessments.

The park contains many types of habitats, including bamboo, pine forest, semi-evergreen rain forest, and dry dipterocarp forest. The most widespread habitat is its tropical evergreen rain forest, most of which is in pristine condition.

2. Rabbit Island – Kep City

i have been there one time where we spent a night there, it was an exception party night on that island. if you not yet visit, you should go and take a look. when you arrive in Kep city, ask people where you can find the boat to go to Rabbit Island. you might find a good guesthouse with a very reasonable price or if you want, sleep in a hammock, take some experience it would be cool.

Rabbit Island - Kep City
Rabbit Island - Kep City

photo by Leslie Patrick

3. Mekong River – Kratie

it is my home city, it’s where i spent my childhood there. as i said somewhere i was a child of the river. when i was young, i spent the rest of my time from school at the river bank.

it’s the only place in Cambodia where you can see the dolphins. not in a trained way but natural. when you arrive there, ask people where you can see the dolphins, rend a motor from your guesthouse or ask for a motor taxi if you dare not to drive, but it would be a good experience to explore the city by motor.

i did it with some of people coming from France, we ride the motor from village to village, we didn’t take the usual road but very small road from house to house, it was a nice experience.

you would need to rend a boat which i would say it would cost you nothing, and get yourself on the river and spot the dolphins. you have to be a good photographer if you want to got such a photo.

Dolphin in Mekong River - Kratie
Dolphin in Mekong River - Kratie

photo by Samantha Melamed

4. hospital Jayavarman VII – Siem Reap

i cross Dr. Beat Richner sometime when i take my fly to Siem Reap. he’s a good man, big heart and talent. everybody knows who is Dr. Beat Richner, if you not yet know him, let’s go to listen to his concert on one of your Saturday night when you are in Siem Reap. Dr. Beat Richner is a cellist (Beatocello), and founder of children’s hospitals in Cambodia. make a few donation, it would make you happy to be able to participate in such humanity activity.

Dr Beat Richner, Siem Reap
Dr Beat Richner, Siem Reap

photo by Fayette Fox

5. Tonle Sap – Siem Reap

tell a taxi driver or Tuk Tuk that you want to take a boat trip in Tonle Sap. it would be a exception day or evening for you to explore the great great lake of Cambodia. this is the place where nature is beautiful and strange at the same time.

i heard an interesting story from a drinking table, you know drinking is not good but if u go to drink to meet friend and find some useful information you should do it and i would say with a moderation please.

the interesting story about people living in Tonle Sap is that the water flow change their direction every 6 month, and when the water grow, they will need to move their floating house to a safe place to protect themselves from the storm and wind.

find this out the video made by fatblueman

photo by Courtney Scott

One Man River
One Man Rive, Tonle Sap - Siem Reap

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  1. sorry forget to mention about your video, it’s great to see real floating village, you footage and music mixed well into the water, make me remind of a friend song, always lost in the sea, of noir desir

  2. Unfortunately Rabbit Island is suffering terrible litter problems – it used to be one of my favourite places but the municipal boatmen who take youy over will only visit one beach and it is sinking unfder the rubbish. A tragedy

  3. It is my first to see the mountain in Vireakchey. It loos so beautiful. By the way, have you been to Tatai waterfall in Koh Kong? I wish I can go there some day.

  4. Hi, My name is Lisa. I live in London, England. I have visited Cambodia on 3 occasions. firstly in 2006 to help out at an orphanage there. My friends have an adopted Cambodian daughter. They are now living in Phenom phen doing charity work. I last visited them in August of last year. I’d love to know more about you and find out what you do in Cambodia. Are you Cambodian or Japanease? I watched the lovely video on your link and wondered if that was you. I am not very internet wise!! E mail me or just talk to me via twitter.
    Thank you and best wishes. Lisa

  5.  Sure,I have been there but I could not cross his performance. I was busy on Saturday, but I already donated my blood.
    It is nice journal to read , Bong.

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