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Video Cambodia Bizarre Foods By Andrew Zimmern

The video was great. I was enjoyed watching with my wife. Andrew took all risks to taste all food down the street, in the market and various local restaurant, starting from Phnom Penh to Battambang. A ping is a commune seen on the internet. It surprised a lot of people, especially first visitors to Cambodia. But there are much more than this, Andrew has tried “Pongtea Kone” (baby egg). I am not sure how to call it in English, you can check the video no. 2.

Then he also went to Battambang to eat the bats. You have seen Hollywood movie “Bat Man”, well in Cambodia we eat Bat. To be frank, I never taste it yet.

The final video was shot in Tonle Sap, Siem Reap province, on the floating house. Andrew was invited to dinner with a family that got 7 children. The housewife use the water from the Tonle Sap lake, which is not totally clean and portable water. He still took risk to join the dinner and tasted the fish.

It was a good video that have been made in Cambodia, Check out yourself!

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