Malai – Story of my secret lover

as promise, i finished the short story. it’s a bit late due to many things came up with this last version. I hope you will like it, sorry if any fault orthography or any grammatical mistake.

The story deals with mature subject matter and is intended for adult audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.

i want to make special thank to Rachny for this lovely poster.

I would like to thank for all the proof readers: Rath, Kane, Nary, Pheaktra and Kalyan :-) you help me a lots in editing the story. thank for all of you for your contribution in this project.

here is the last version of the story, malai.pdf

please let me know your comments, event bad or good.

បើ​លោក​អ្នក​ពេញ​ចិត្តអត្ថបទ​នេះ សូម​ជួយ​ចុច LIKE ដើម្បី​ផ្សព្វ​ផ្សាយ​បន្ត!



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  1. ramana says

    hehe, bong nary kampleng nas. Hey, thanks KB for posting that story. I already finish it, don no wat to say but I am always ur supporter :)

  2. summerhome says

    MALAI .story of my secret lover ,this story is similar to the story in CTN.THE rich man loves the poor girl so much but can’t give the girl the marriage.i don’t remember the tittle of this story on CTN,I just saw my dad often watchs it.WHAT I WONDER WHY THE MAN SEEM LOVES THE GIRL SO MUCH ,BUT WHY CAN’T GIVE HER A MIRRIAGE,WHY HAVE TO HAVE A SECRET LOVE.IS IT BECAUSE OF HE’S TOO RICH AND A GIRL IS SO POOR.A RICH MAN LOVES A POOR GIRL ,CAN ONLY GIVE HER A SECRET LOVE?? HAHA,i just said te na………..i hope you don’t mind my comment ,if there is any mistake ,please don’t mind me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!sorry in advance

  3. Kane says

    I like the last part, Malai in Red, sexy beautiful…..both of them could understand each other with saying a word. mute communication or eyes communication….so sweet, like the way you described it……and the way when that man was teased by his friends……over all the story good and enjoyable to read…….. but i don’t the fact that the man in love or got attract with Malai because of her virginity….. hope to read more story from you talking more about smart men and women….well done!

  4. Kane says

    Correction “……But I don’t the fact….. i mean to say ” I don’t really like the fact that……

  5. says

    nary, did u read the last version? a lot of changes :-)

    ramana, thank for your waiting and continue to support my writing, i will still continue my best 😉

    summerhome, … thank for your comments, i didn’t know there’s similar story that current broacast in TV, i will check it one day. i don’t know what was the real reason in that story why he can’t marry her. i am just an observer, my original idea is how to see a man react when he meet a girl like Malai? the businessman, he knows himself that he cannot bring Malai to see his parents, but everyday he is trying to give her all happiness that he can give to Malai. Maybe one day he can try to bring her home. in the story that your father like to watch, the rich might have another reason.

  6. says

    Thank you ijajaja, well it has to take sometime for another sotry,

    Kane, thank again for your red remarks, it could help to improve the language a lots :-)
    i don’t think he came back to her just because of that, there are more reasons (i delete the dinner scene :-) you have to read the last version, i worked a lot last night, because i feel it didn’t enough … ) please read again you will see why.

  7. says

    i forget to tell that is the most prepared short story if you compare to the previous one :-) i didn’t join a drink last night because the story still grow inside me. sorry friends! i hope you don’t mind for not seeing me last night.

  8. says

    Summerhome: there are lot kinds of movie or story, esp. Hollywood movies…some movies in the end are unfinished or there is not happy ending or something is different from what we expected because from my view the authors just want us to make our own assumption or own ending movie in the result of this it makes us to think a lot about movie, and it would took very long time till we like another one and forget the previous one we watched. I think i also like this kind of movies because it would make us to have a lot critical thinking or use our own view to conclude it.

    Khmerbird: this morning, i told my classmates about your story, and everybody likes it so much, and they also said that hope to see it in a real movie. :) excellent job!

  9. moniratha says

    This fiction is similar to a real life that woman can take a quick short cut to full fill her need. After read this story some other woman probably dream of doing something similar, but the real world consequence is unpredicable. If lucky she might meets a good generous man, otherwise, she might got used and abused. Like the current news about Khmer women married to foreinger such as (i.e. Taiwaneses or Koreans men), she hoped that she might have a good happiness with him, but turn out otherwise.

    Like the author has admitted, “my original idea is how to see a man react when he meet a girl like Malai?” It’s not suppose to be a role model for any women out there. I think a good successful person is base on four words:
    សុ = ឲ្យប្រឹងស្តាប់គេ
    ចិ = រិះរេគិតចំណាំ
    បុ = ឲ្យសាកសួរសាំ
    លិ = ឲ្យចាំកត់ត្រាទុក្ខ

  10. says

    well, I would like to say something too. Among all the stories you’ve written, I dont think this is the best one. It’s kind of simple, predictable. It can be because the story is very familiar one, we khmer ppl know about it and this is just being retold. I am agree for the fact that there are many thoughts behind the story. That way it works very well, the story really pull several different emotional reactions, interests out of readers. Thanks for the story :)

  11. says

    thank Monida, it is my first happy ending one, i hope it won’t be the last,

    Thank Rath, it is good to hear that they like the story,

    Ratha, i don’t think Malai come to him just for full fill her needs, and she was not sure if the businessman came back to him. but she was brave and got courage to go and get what she wanted. of course the story was written for entertainment only, i hope people don’t take it too seriously. thank for the 4 words, where u get them from?

    secret admirer, thank for your support and your sixth sense that could see i worked a lot on this :-)

  12. moniratha says

    The four words was taught by my father. I don’t know where it came from. They might have came from one of Buddha theory.

  13. says

    Hi Bro,

    What a nice story!! It sounds like real! You must have made a lot of use of your brain.

    Would you mind if I’d like to give you my feedbacks over some paragraphs? Which way is the best to send you my ideas?

    Cheers! I hope to have a brain like you :)

  14. says

    good story khmerbird. but one thing…when it came to reading the dialogues between the characters your story seem more like a movie script instead of a short story maybe the way it was written. idk…its 3 in the morning, maybe its the way im reading it lol. looking forward to reading more of your stories.

  15. Tiktak says

    well done! funny and sweet scenes are mixed. it is interesting to understand the responsible man’s behavior after knowing that it is the first time for Malai.

  16. says

    thank for your comment Tiktak,
    i am happy with Malai that got a good reception from all of you. i hope my next short story is better and better in willing to give a new and fresh story. hope i got time to write soon.

  17. ePrasart says

    Good story. Easy to understand even I don’t know English much.
    Though there are still a few word I don’t know.
    About Malai, I wish I could picture more detail about her because she is an interesting character in the story.
    In all, I love the story.


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